The 4 Best Flats for Work

When you’re in the home stretch of a long work week, you want to give yourself something to look forward to. Banish the Sunday blues with comfortable, stylish flats that take your work ensemble up a notch. 

Whether your job requires sitting, standing, or constant movement, you can find the perfect shoes to fulfill your every need. Take a walk through our guide to the best flats for work and give yourself the gift that keeps on giving. 

After all, your pair of shoes deserves a promotion. 

#1 Flats

When it comes to flat shoes for women, opt for an upscale, refined look with a casually classic Darcy Flat. Complete any office outfit with these comfy flats that may have you turning some heads on your way to the water cooler. 

With a slight heel, a rubber sole, and a sleek leather upper, these cute flats go exceptionally well with other office-attire staples such as: 

  • Slacks – Pair your favorite pair of dress pants with shoes that’ll match their stylish sophistication. Couple a dark-toned ballet flat with neutral slacks for a sleek, professional feel. Light-toned Darcy Flats can also offer a touch of summery lightness. So, try pairing them with flowing pants made of breathable fabric such as cotton or linen. You can also opt for stylish capris-length dress pants to put your new flats on full display. Dressing business casual with flats has never been so easy.
  • Skirts – You can never go wrong with a sensible skirt in the office. Combine your Darcy Flats with a pencil skirt for a clean, put-together ensemble. If you’re feeling bolder, you can complement your flats with a printed skirt or even a pair of colored tights. That way, you can stay on track at work while staying true to yourself. 
  • Blazers – The blazer can often act as the pièce de résistance for a workplace wardrobe. With structured shoulders on the top and stylish, comfortable flats for women on the bottom, you can feel the power of confidence strengthened with every step. Feel free to match your shoes with a belt of the same color to add shape and dynamic to your overall look. 

#2 Sneakers

If your work keeps you on your toes (literally), you should invest in flats that can keep up with you wherever you go. Sneaker-style flats can offer comfortable ankle and arch support through padded collars and removable insoles. With tons of different textiles to go with your workday attire, a stylish pair of sneakers can work well for many hardworking professionals.

Feel light on your feet and keep up with your workflow with a cute pair of comfortable sneakers. Try Mallow sneakers for a comfortable shoe featuring additional padded insoles for arch support, perfect for all-day wear. They come with a roomier fit than our classic Alpargata, making them great for those with wide feet. Plus, it features our OrthoLite® Eco LT Hybrid™ insole for lightweight cushioning made with plant derived and recycled materials, perfect for those with flat feet, too.

#3 Slip-ons

Slip into an elevated sense of style with a casual and comfortable flat slip-on to keep you relaxed and energized. Slip-on shoes come in various textiles and shapes that can give practically any workday a more supportive glow-up. Try rocking a pair of slip-ons with your go-to work staples, such as:

  • Scrubs – If you work as a medical professional, you know the importance of comfortable footwear. Investing in stable shoes could help those constantly on their feet with joint pain, lower back issues, or general discomfort. With flexible padding throughout the insole, you can feel supported throughout the day while simultaneously showing off your personality. 
  • Dresses – Slip-ons can also pair well with dresses and skirts. Whether you work with children or amongst peers, you can feel the freedom that comes with a flowy skirt and fashionable footwear. Cherish your workday by picking out a pair of shoes that supports you and your goals all day. 
  • Casual jeans – Whether your workplace offers a laidback environment every day or you love celebrating “Casual Friday,” you can slip on a pair of casual jeans to complement your slip-on shoes. Go crisp and classic with a white slip-on, or go bold with a pattern as expressive as you are. After all, denim goes with everything.

A stunning pair of slip-ons can turn any weekday into a vacay. Treat yourself with shoes that keep your smile working overtime.

#4 Espadrilles

Show off your fashion sense in a memorable way with the help of espadrilles. What are espadrilles, you ask? This type of flat shoe remains one of the most stylish and adaptable shoes for your workday. Typically made from rope or canvas material with a rubber sole, espadrilles provide a breathable feel and a fashionable look. With so many colors and patterns to pick from, you can put together different espadrille outfits for each day of the week. 

These shoes work exceptionally well with jobs that encourage expression and personality. Espadrilles may be your ideal match if you’re:

  • A teacher or educator
  • A veterinarian 
  • A working-from-home warrior
  • A real estate agent
  • An office worker
  • A librarian

Give yourself permission to express yourself while on the clock, and let your true colors shine through with help from your trusty shoes. 

Elevate Your Workweek Comfort with TOMS

A flat shoe embodies everything a healthy work-life balance should provide: comfort, stability, and room for self-expression. By picking a pair of fabulous flats for your workweek, you can marry functionality with fashion. At TOMS, we know the importance of this balance. 

TOMS offers some of the most comfortable flats for work. Whether you prefer casual comfort, refined style, or bold colors, it’s time to treat your feet to TOMS


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