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Slipping on the perfect pair of women's flats gives your outfit a casual elegance that works with any occasion. Plus, you can move through your day knowing you'll be completely comfortable every step of the way.

TOMS' selection of women's flats includes multiple style options. Whether you're looking for a slip on flats with full coverage, a classic pair of knit flats with an almond toe, or a slinky pair of mini wedges with an exposed back, we've got you covered. Plus, your choices expand even more with each design offered in several colors and prints ranging from classic black flats to floral prints that will match any outfit.

Style and comfort go hand in hand with TOMS' women's flats. Each option includes OrthoLite® Eco LT Hybrid™ insoles for all-day support. We also use sustainably sourced textiles, including eco content made from materials like waste foam, recycled content, and bio-oils. You'll also find vegan options so you can choose flat shoes that align with your values. TOMS is committed to doing better with each pair of shoes we create.

Flats Are Back for Any Occasion

As high fashion continues to embrace the beauty of comfort, women’s flat shoes are making a triumphant return as a go-to choice for every budding fashionista. An in-demand choice for the contemporary woman, flat dress shoes present comfortable options to suit every occasion, including casual outings and more formal gatherings.
From classic casual work flats to dressy and glittered slip on flats, women’s comfort, style, and unique sense of self are all catered to by TOMS’ extensive collection. Featured styles like the Cara, Darcy, Jutti, and Jade showcase the contemporary chic and fashion-forward appeal of flat shoes for women.

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Discover the ease and joy of shopping for women’s flat shoes with TOMS.
Placing an order is a seamless experience, complete with exclusive offers, hassle-free returns, and free shipping on orders over $54. Plus, by ordering with TOMS, you not only embrace stylish comfort but also contribute to our commitment to making a positive impact on the world.
Shop online for women’s flats today and step confidently into a brighter, more comfortable tomorrow.