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TOMS 2023 Impact Report

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We’re in business to improve lives.

As of today, we’ve left a positive impact on more than 105,463,049 people.

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Since our beginning in 2006, TOMS has been on a mission to do good through good-looking products that feel good. How? Good question.

When you buy TOMS, you help fund access to mental health resources for the millions of people who need them (maybe even you someday?).

And that kind of impact? It looks good on you.

Read on to learn about all the good your purchases helped create in 2023.

Letter From Our Chief Brand & Impact Officer

Amy Smith, Chief Brand & Impact Officer

TOMS is in business to improve lives. This mission has been at the heart of who we are since our start in 2006.

Now what it means to "improve lives" has evolved for us. As the pioneers of the One for One® model, we began matching each pair of shoes purchased with a donation of a pair of shoes. A catalyst for the way a great number of brands began to approach business, our example set into motion the importance of improving human lives—socially, environmentally and internally. But mostly, our mission begged us to look inwards at ways we could stretch our impact further and even more effectively.

Enter mental health. While the world affairs of 2020 put mental health under a direct spotlight, it has been a neglected part of human health for much longer. The mental health crisis touches everyone—with 1 in 8 people in the world experiencing a mental health challenge; and ripples of those mental health challenges impacting all of us.

At TOMS, we believe every single individual deserves access to quality, affirming mental health care. It's why TOMS has evolved its strategy to give a third of our profits to help support organizations making meaningful mental health strides in their communities.

It'd be easy to say that we're proud of the impact we, alongside our incredible Impact Partners, have made thus far. But the reality is that your hard-earned dollars spent at TOMS is what has made all this good possible.

For that and from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. This report captures your impact in 2023. When you wear TOMS, you Wear Good.

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To us, business is a force to be used for good.

As a Certified B Corporation™, we report on all aspects of our business—so you can feel good knowing that we meet B Corp’s high standards of transparency, accountability and social/environmental performance.

We have been B Corp certified since 2018, and will embark on our second recertification in 2024. With each new recertification, we push ourselves to be better than before.


1/3 of our profits for good

We give 1/3 of our profits for good through cash grants and deep partnerships with nonprofits working to create impact in three areas: mental health, access to opportunity and ending gun violence.

2023 Numbers for good

US Dollars Given

Lives Impacted

Allocation of US Dollars Given

  • 12% Ending Gun Violence
  • 21% Access to Oppportunity
  • 67% Mental Health

Impact Partners

Our Impact is felt across the globe.

In 2023, we funded 39 organizations, in 17
across 11 countries.

Map of the world showing the reach of TOMS Impact


Climate Mental Health Network
Letters to Strangers
Peace First

Los Angeles Metro Area

Brave Trails
Community Coalition
Defy Ventures
Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services
East Side Riders Bike Club
Helen Keller Intl
Homeboy Industries
Los Angeles LGBT Center
Urban Peace Institute
Venice Family Clinic

New York City Metro

Que Paso Latinx

Oakland, CA

Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice
Youth ALIVE!

Minneapolis–Saint Paul, MN

Hmong Cultural Center

United States

Black Emotional Mental Health Collective (BEAM)
Cities United
Convoy of Hope
Creative Futures Collective
Cure Violence Global
The Dinner Party
The Mental Health Coalition
The Trace

United Kingdom

The Maya Center
The Mix



Chicago, IL



Mental Health Initiative (MHI)

Asheville, NC

NAMI Western Carolina


Fundación Origen




International Medical Corps


Wall of Sharing


Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative


Mental Helse Ungdom

Mental Health Tips from Our Impact Partners

Our phenomenal Impact Partners have provided a variety of resources to support people with their mental health. For Mental Health Awareness Month, we shared 31 mental health tips with our TOMS community—one for each day of the month. What resulted is a collection of resources that’s readily available to our community—a daily reminder that mental health matters. A few tips below:

Breath in for 2 seconds. Outline of an alpargata shoe.
According to the American Psychological Association, about 20 minutes of exercise a day can help reduce the risk of depression by 25% and boost your mood.
Studies have shown that listening to music can lower your blood pressure, heart rate and even stress hormones in your body. Here is a playlist of songs that make us feel good.
Try box breathing. In four steps, find your center, reground yourself and take control of how you are feeling.
The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline connects those experiencing mental health and/or substance-related crises with a trained counselor via call, text, or chat. Our partner Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services is one of the leading providers.

Meet International Medical Corps

TOMS Longstanding Partner in Mental Health and Humanitarian Support

Two people holding International Medical Corps boxes.

TOMS has supported International Medical Corps since 2013

TOMS is proud to support our Impact Partner, International Medical Corps, and their response to the conflict in Ukraine. International Medical Corps provides critical medical, mental health and training services in humanitarian situations.

Meet Venice Family Clinic

TOMS Impact Partner of the Year

A person from the Venice Family Clinic speaking into a microphone reading from a piece of paper.

We are thrilled to honor Venice Family Clinic as our 2023 Partner of the Year. Through the pandemic and beyond, we have seen its true dedication to the belief that everyone deserves quality health care, which very much includes mental health care.

A person smiling.

TOMS has partnered with Venice Family Clinic in several ways over the past 4 years including:

  1. Impact grants focused on mental health programming
  2. Volunteering for Giving Tuesday
  3. In-kind donation of eyewear to support its vision services

World Mental Health Day

On October 10, TOMS celebrated with our 10x10 program, giving 10 nonprofits focused on mental health in 10 countries $10,000 US dollars each.

Groups of people participating in community events.

10 Organizations Prioritizing Mental Health


Things are looking up

Since our eyewear portfolio launch in 2011, TOMS eyewear purchases have helped restore sight to 988,654 people and counting.

Together with our partners, we helped establish 55 vision centers in Bangladesh, India and Nepal—that continue to operate today.

While the vision centers live on, TOMS today operates with an evolved giving model—now providing cash grants to Impact Partners working in local communities.

Beyond the check

Funding is important for our Impact Partners to continue their mission, but we don’t stop at cutting checks. We build meaningful two-way relationships that provide ongoing support—through volunteering, celebrating big wins, donating products and helping to create lasting connections.


Taking care of the place we call home

Sustainability is a journey, and we’ve learned a lot about taking good care of the place we call home. We take a holistic approach to measure and improve across our business, not just our product.

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Feet view of model wearing TOMS Blue Micro Cord Alpargatas.

In 2020, we embarked on an ambitious five-year sustainability roadmap.

In 2020, we embarked on an ambitious five-year sustainability roadmap.

With just under two years to go, we’re proud of the progress we’ve made and are excited for all that’s to come.

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Our Commitments

  1. Accomplished in 2023: In 2023, 27% of our footwear line qualified as earthwise™. Learn more about our earthwise™ framework toms.com/planet.

    Coming in 2024: We plan to further simplify the way we bring our earthwise™ offering to life in the future, focusing on our signature styles and tried and true materials.

  1. Accomplished in 2023: Through the B Corp process, we have a clear roadmap of opportunities to better our business even further with the planet in mind. In 2023, we started some key measurements, launched a resale program in partnership with thredUP, and got clear on what we can accomplish in time for our next recertification in 2024.

    Coming in 2024: We’re excited to submit for recertification and continue to use B Corp as a roadmap for constant improvement.

  1. Accomplished in 2023: As a member of the Canopy Pack4Good Initiative—an environmental not-for-profit implementing real solutions to reduce waste in packaging—we’re proud to meet its conservation standards, sourcing all wood-based material from sustainably managed forests. We continue to be plastic-free in our packaging (except for some hangtag fasteners). All of our earthwise™ products are 100% plastic-free and we’ve switched our samples to use 100% recycled LDPE polybags.

    Coming in 2024: Maintain our commitments with an ongoing packaging redesign project.

  1. Accomplished in 2023: In 2023, we made some moves! We shifted our US warehouse to the middle of the country, so that packages would not have to travel as far to reach their final destination. We worked with one of our largest transportation partners to measure our emissions and get a baseline for future improvement. When looking at Q3 of 2023 (our first quarter post warehouse move), our average CO2 emissions per package was 12.82% lower than in Q1 when we were still at our previous warehouse.

    Coming in 2024: Continue collaboration with our transportation partners in identifying potential ways to decrease our carbon footprint.

Feet view of models wearing alpargatas.

Moving Forward

We’re proud of the strides that we’ve made for our planet, but there is more to do. We’ve learned that unforeseen events can create complications; the tremendous change and disruption in the world since we made our original commitments grossly affected global supply chains. 

Specifically, the original path we had laid out for sourcing 100% sustainable cotton by 2025 is no longer viable. 

We are continuing to update our goals to reflect what is more achievable and are actively considering the steps we can take to continue to make progress.

Reuse, Repurpose, Recirculate

With the B Corp framework in mind, we partnered with thredUP. 

  1. This partnership encourages customers to send in gently worn shoes, clothing and accessories in exchange for TOMS.com credit—providing a platform to buy preloved products, helping keep items out of landfills, and reducing the need for new production.
  2. Since launching a TOMS-specific thredUP platform in April 2023, more than 940 items have been recirculated. In total, through thredUP, 64.5K TOMS products have been recirculated since 2014.
    Learn More
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Ground up change starts with us

TOMS has a long term commitment to ensure our company and culture is rooted in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism. We are hard at work year-round to ensure we’re actively combating systemic racism, as well as policies that lead to inequities. Here are some of the ways we’re building equity within our community.

A group of people smiling shown.
  • Mentor Program: We provide our staff mentoring opportunities—facilitating conversations that set the foundation for long-term success.
  • Cultural Learning: We promote the ongoing education of our staff’s communities, inviting experts to speak about anti-racism, cultural awareness and institutional obstacles.
  • Employee Resource Groups: We offer voluntary, employee-led ERGs for our LatinX & Hispanic staff, as well as Parents & Caregivers—to develop community within the TOMS team.
Watermelons and bananas shown.

Every year, we close our global offices and dedicate a day to volunteering with local nonprofits. In 2023, we focused on volunteering efforts around the topic of food, a fundamental block for survival. An alarming 44.2 million Americans live in food-insecure households, which can leave a significant impact on mental and physical health. And when food needs go unmet, some have to make the choice between food and healthcare.

Across the globe, TOMS offices did the following:

  • 163 volunteers served 577 hours across 16 locations in Los Angeles
  • Prepared and served meals to 330 people experiencing homelessness
  • Sorted 10,000 pounds of product
  • Distributed 550 bags of food
  • Assembled 120 food kits
  • Made 100 snack packs
  • We observe an annual Day of Learning to focus on the important work of learning and reflecting on Racism, Racial Inequality and Racial Justice.
  • We employ bi-monthly speakers to continue learning all year long.
  • We are a proud member of the Fair Labor Association (FLA), which helps ensure our products and processes reflect our commitment to bettering workers’ rights in manufacturing and production.

Inside TOMS Staff Demographics

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Active US Employees

Active employees pie chart.

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New Hires By Year

New hires by year chart.

We’re a proud part of the diverse Los Angeles community. As such, we’ve implemented policies and programs that address equity through the employee lifecycle—from applying, hiring and onboarding processes to advancement, learning opportunities and internal development programs.

Source: Staff self-disclosures, December 2023. Please note this does not represent our total Global workforce as disclosure is not required.

*Employees have the option to disclose or withhold their demographic information at TOMS. “Unspecified” represents those who have opted out.

Impact Looks Good On You

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all the good you have made possible by shopping with TOMS this year. Cheers to continuing to Wear Good in 2024, and for years to come. 

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