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Ground up change starts with us.

Equity for Everyone

TOMS has a long term commitment to ensure our company and culture is rooted in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism.

We recognize our responsibility to our employees, our customers and our communities to actively combat systemic racism and policies that lead to inequities. We stand in solidarity with Black, Indigenous Peoples, People of Color and all marginalized people.

Additionally, TOMS’ commitment to becoming an Anti-Racist organization is both enduring and ongoing. Every employee participates in making TOMS the Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive, Anti-Racist organization we strive to be. We observe an annual Day of Learning to focus on the important work of learning and reflecting on Racism, Racial Inequality and Racial Justice, and employ bi-monthly speakers to continue learning all year long.

After all, none of us can truly thrive until all of us can thrive.

We support our employees.

Our employees are passionate about our mission, and feel it's important that they have plenty of opportunities to get to know our partners and their work firsthand. So we’ve built them into our company culture.

TOMS employee at a Giving Tuesday event.

Employee Volunteering

Once a year, we dedicate a full workday to volunteering with community organizations, taking part in activities that bring us closer to their work and the communities they serve.

Our Partners

As a proud member of the Fair Labor Association, we work hard to identify long-term suppliers that share our values and conduct their businesses ethically—engaging with workers, ensuring safe working conditions, and demonstrating a strong sense of environmental responsibility. Third-party auditors help us make sure that factories continue to meet our requirements, year after year.

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