What Color Shoe Should You Wear with a Navy Dress?

If you recently ordered a dark blue dress of your dreams, or you’re brainstorming about styling options for a navy bridesmaid’s dress, don’t forget to factor in what’s on your feet. No matter how dazzling the sundress or how radiant the wrap dress is, you’ll need footwear that can tie the look together. 

Before you start rummaging frantically through your closet, follow our lead. 

We’ve put together three examples to give you ideas about what color shoes to wear with navy dress selections. We’ve included a wide range of options for this versatile color, so you’re sure to find the right shoe that fits in with any of your outfit ideas. 

With these helpful tips, you’ll be able to go forth and nail any navy blue dress style with ease.

#1 Go Formal with Nudes and Neutrals

A shoe color that matches your unique skin tone will bring a touch of elegance to any outfit. Nudes and neutrals are perfect to wear with navy blue, since they elongate your legs without stealing focus from the starring color. 

Let’s style a formal, floor-length navy dress with a few different types of nude shoes for women, and you’ll soon see how to adapt this timeless option to your personal taste:

  • A tan platform sandal is an excellent choice for light to medium skin tones. It’s got a bit of lift to let you see above the crowd at, say, a graduation ceremony, and this tan shoe is sure to stay firmly in place on your foot while you cross the stage to accept your diploma. Attending a cool-weather cocktail party? Slip into a pair of suede-wedge booties in a similar shade instead. 
  • Standout strappy sandal heels look wonderful against rich brown skin tones. Imagine wearing this brown shoe with a ruffled, off-the-shoulder navy gown for a charity event or a wedding, breezy and graceful as can be. This retro-inspired leather shoe is sure to turn heads, and these sandals are comfy enough to wear all day, and cute enough to wear all night.
  • For a comfortable, classy flat that pairs effortlessly with navy and suits any complexion, there’s no better choice than a signature TOMS shoe—the Crochet Moroccan Alpargata. The natural, off-white color of the textile is extremely adaptable, and the delicacy of the crochet is well-suited to a formal event, like a wedding or an upscale business soiree. This alpargata also comes in a black colorway, if that’s more of your vibe. You can totally wear black shoes with navy, in case you were wondering. Try pairing a matte navy dress with black patent leather shoes for a bold look that really pops.

#2 Wear White and Navy for a Nautical Nod

White and navy are a truly timeless combination. They bring to mind windswept lighthouses, sunny days on the seashore, and sailing trips over crystal clear water. 

Channel some nautical energy into your closet with these classic white sneakers, featuring a subtle navy stripe around the edge of the outsole. These white shoes can work with all kinds of navy outfits, from dresses to coveralls:

When it comes to how to wear sneakers with a dress, a spaghetti-strap navy swing dress is the ideal choice for a day of fun in the sun. Style it with a pair of light-colored sunglasses, a woven bag, and a big smile—your sneakers will keep you comfortable and happy all day long.

Wear your sneakers with a high-waisted navy pencil skirt (or a pair of high-waisted navy shorts) and a Peter Pan blouse. It’s a look you can wear to run errands, grab a bite, or take a quick meeting—especially when you accessorize with a pair of pearl studs. 

We were serious about the coveralls. Choose this combo for an active day, whether you’re painting a house or pounding the pavement for a canvassing campaign. Wear a red bandana in your hair for a practical, patriotic touch. 

These shoes feature a vulcanized sole for extra durability, but they are white sneakers after all. If these bad boys get dirty, you’ll want to make sure you know how to clean white shoes

#3 Stay Cool and Casual With a Pop of Contrasting Color

Who doesn’t love an exciting color combination? Since navy is dark and understated, it’s a fashion-savvy choice to combine with bright and even neon colors. Once you’ve paired your new colorful shoes with a navy outfit, you can experiment with the other palettes in your closet too.

This concept can be applied to outfits for any event, from a cocktail hour to a keynote address:

Punctuate your navy outfit with a pair of colorful Alpargatas. This staple shoe is available in almost any color you can dream up, from galaxy-inspired blue and purple tie-dye, to a sophisticated black with chevron lace accents. For a super sweet statement shoe, try a pair of embroidered strawberry Alpargatas.

Most of the shoes in our Mallow line feature a fabulous pop of color. Some of our favorite choices to offset navy are the orange corduroy slides, the pink floral mule, and of course, the full-spectrum rainbow sneakers. The Mallow is one of our favorite shoes to wear with mom jeans, too, so be sure to check out this versatile choice. Try topping it all off with a matching hat for fall or cooler weather days to tie your outfit together.

Color Your World with TOMS

No matter where you’re wearing your navy blue dress, we’re sure that you’ll pull it off with verve and confidence. After all, you’ve done the research and considered your options carefully (as usual).

At TOMS, we look to customers like you for inspiration. We know that people who purchase TOMS care about reliable information, transparency, and ethical business practices just as much as they enjoy expressing themselves through their personal style.

Whether you’re dressed from head to toe in navy, neutrals, or neons, keep your world colorful—and comfortable—with TOMS

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