The 4 Best Shoes To Wear With Mom Jeans

From humble beginnings as the high-waisted pants of the 1970s to the looser, grungier feel of ‘90s fashion, today’s mom jeans styles are as popular today as the American sitcoms that inspired them.

But how to style this lived-in, flattering style with the accessories to match? When it comes to footwear, your first priority is to ground your ensemble with an equally cozy pair of fashion-forward shoes for women.

Get ready to get your mom on. With the fit and versatility of mom jeans on our side, let’s take a look at how to style mom jeans with the four of the best shoes to pair with them. 

4 Shoe Designs To Help You Find Your Mom Jean Vibe

Across seasons—and generations—mom jeans are known for their flattering fit and ability to harmonize with any outfit idea. There are different styles of mom jeans—they might have a straight leg or a tapered leg, and usually have a more relaxed fit.

But ultra-adaptable garments a la mom jeans make accessories all the more essential. So if ever you aren’t sure what footwear will work best, ask yourself: what type of mom do you feel like being today?

If you’re still stuck, we got you. Below, we’ve laid out four mom styles and the shoes you’ll need to channel them with your favorite pair of denim.

#1 The Classy Mom: Classic Flats

If you’re styling your mom jeans to channel sophistication and elegance, a pair of polished flats is the perfect way to complete your denim mom-semble.

A dainty pair of comfortable flats for women pair gorgeously with mom jeans that have a looser, more relaxed fit, creating one seamless line from hips to legs to ankles. 

Whether you’re going for an elevated mom-about-town look or a casual moms-day-off vibe, here are a few of our favorites for finding your unique (and sleek) mom jeans vibe:

  • Jutti Neat flat – This flat can provide a layer of refinement to your casual look. A classic ballet flat like the Jutti Neat is ideal for the workweek, offering plenty of coverage with a slightly lifted heel to lend a touch of poise. Pair a loose-fitting button-down or a blazer with a crisp pair in ivory- or straw-colored hues, or choose classic black for a pair that goes with everything.
  • Darcy flat – Storm the streets in style with the chic, sleek Darcy flat. This take on the classic smoking slip-on is one of the best flats for work. With a silhouette reminiscent of your coziest house slippers, sumptuous textiles like leather and suede keep these flats anything but casual. Opt for a muted shade like Stone Grey for your next no-fuss daily flat, or embolden your mom jeans with a leopard print that purrs. Be sure to brush up on what to wear with leopard print shoes to curate that perfect outfit. You can also check out our entire collection of animal print shoes if you’re looking for another design to make your outfit pop.
  • Jutti D’Orsay flat – The Jutti D’Orsay flat combines the essence of elegance with the spirit of summer. With the same gently lifted heel as its Jutti Neat sibling, the D’Orsay shows a touch more skin, allowing your feet to breathe. Choose from three multi-textile designs to add more verve to your mom jeans and give you plenty of room to play.

#2 The Sporty Mom: Sneakers

Pay homage to your blue mom jeans’ 90s roots by combining them with a fresh-to-death pair of sneakers or tennis shoes. 

The sneaker trend was all the rage in the 90s, combining practicality, casual comfort, and vibrant designs that resembled genuine works of art. So if you’re looking to spice up your mom jeans with a sportier feel, a luxe sneaker is the perfect style icon to pair them with. Our favorites include:

  • The Fenix – In 17 vivid colors and designs, the Fenix offers endless versatility to find the perfect baseline for your sporty mom jean look. Polish up your shoe game with monochrome styles in soft blue or chalky pink. Or, take your black mom jeans for a walk on the wild side with a pair that features a leopard heel detail.
  • The Mallow – If your mom jeans hug your hips close, make comfort a priority when it comes to footwear. The Mallow sneaker is one of the plushest designs in the game, and with Heritage Canvas jute textiles, you can be confident your shoes are made with conscience.
  • The Parker – Skip the laces and embrace slip-ons with a sneaker that’s built for chill. The Parker comes in four classic, neutral hues that pair gorgeously with your mom jeans and every other element of your ensemble. Combining luxe fabrics like linen with rubber soles, they’ve got the breezy vibe of a slip-on with the soul of a sneaker.

Whether you consider yourself an athlete or prefer cheering on the sidelines, these sneakers’ stylish, sporty feel is sure to keep up with you wherever your mom jeans lead you.

#3 The Bold Mom: Booties

That classic combination of boots and jeans belongs in fashion’s hall of fame—a timeless look that you can make your own depending on which style of boots you pick. 

But given mom jean’s distinctive contours, don’t just reach for any pair of heeled boots. Opt for a low-cut pair of women's booties that can show off that iconic silhouette, and consider what type of statement you want your mom jeans outfit to make.

Here are a few mom jean styles to play with, and the booties to match:

  • The Everly Boot: the Western mom – We all know that moms are tougher than a fresh leather saddle. Show the world there’s a new sheriff in town with a pair of Everly Boots. The Everly takes its inspiration from the classic cowboy boot while keeping its aesthetic versatile enough to be seen on the city streets. With an exaggerated chunky heel and a comfy net detail, strut your stuff and flaunt some Western flair (spurs not included!).
  • The Melrose Wedge Boot: the edgy mom – Mom jeans have a reputation for prim and properness, but a chunky, edgy design like the Melrose Wedge Boot gives your denim jeans some bite. This design provides the contrast you crave, offsetting mom jeans’ casual feel by showing onlookers that you don’t mess around. As far as outfits with wedges go, opt for a pair of ripped mom jeans with a leather jacket or dark lipstick to complete your tough-as-nails mom jeans look.   
  • The Kallie Boot: the always-on-trend mom – Channel style icons of the ages by styling your mom jeans with a pair of Kallie Boots. A pair of booties ensure your mom jeans make a statement no matter what room you walk into, in four neutral shades that pair with dark-wash, light-wash, or color-wash denim. Whether you opt for a speckled Macadamia or a hushed Taupe, make every mom jean look you assemble feel put-together, professional, and effortlessly on-trend. 

A note on women's booties vs boots: because mom jeans tend to be looser fitting, it’s best to avoid knee-high boots. While it’s easy to slip into knee-high boots wearing leggings or skinny jeans, mom jeans tend to have too much extra fabric to put into high pairs of boots (hello, awkward).

Wearers, be warned: always pair your mom jeans with booties or ankle boots rather than knee-highs, if you can help it! And if you’re still trying to get the perfect hem length, try cuffed mom jeans at the ankles to ensure the world gets to see your stylish shoes.

#4 The Cool Mom: Slip Ons

True to mom form, embodying mom jeans’ have-it-all energy means choosing shoes that keep you ready for anything (and that you can slip on and off as you please). 

Combine fashion-forwardness and flexible support with slip-ons—the perfect style to whisk you from Sunday brunch to tackling each item on the day’s to-do list. 

With so many styles available, slip-ons can provide flexibility in more ways than one. Our go-to designs to make mom jeans pop include:

  • Alpargata – Showcase your personality without sacrificing style with an Alpargata. Want to show the world you’re a diehard Koala fan? No problem. Care to remind onlookers that we’re all just a speck of dust in the universe? Done. No matter which Alpargata speaks to your heart, each is designed with the supportive footbed and cushioning you need to look and feel fabulous with every step. 
  • Espadrilles – Show your friends that you’re the hip, cool mom with a pair of shoes that can treat your mom jeans to a day in the sun. Colorful, lightweight espadrilles balance breathable textiles with durable designs—your blue mom jeans’ ideal companion for an on-the-go day where you won’t get home ‘til dusk. 
  • Mallow Mules – Indulge in ultra-cushy and supportive cushioning with a pair of Mallow Mules. Whether you and your mom jeans are headed for a well-deserved spa day or are just lounging around the house with a box of your favorite chocolates, these slides are the epitome of cool and are sure to fast-track you to mom jean heaven.

Become A Mom Jeans Queen with TOMS

It’s not hard to understand why mom jeans have made their way towards becoming a wardrobe staple. Combining sheer comfort with a flattering fit, they’re an effortless denim cut to slip into for any occasion—and they deserve equally effortless different styles of footwear to match.

Be the mom you want to see in the world, and do it in style with TOMS footwear. Whether you’re partial to a breezy pair of espadrilles or a Fenix sneaker to play up your 90s vibe, your mom jeans belong with a shoe style that impeccably marries fashion and function. If you want to be a mom jeans queen while keeping your wallet happy, shop our sale shoes collection; sure to have a style to match your look and give you that crown.

Explore our diverse selection of flats, booties, sneakers, and slip-ons to discover the mom within, and let it shine with TOMS.


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