5 Summer Outfits with Wedges

The start of summer can bring plenty of refreshing changes. That includes cruising with the windows down, singing along to the top summer songs, and enjoying all those yummy summer treats (ice cream and slushies, we’re looking at you). 

When you break out your summery clothes, you might also want new and refreshing ways to style them—like with a pair of fabulous wedge shoes.

While there are plenty of summer footwear options to choose from, wedges can uniquely amplify just about any summer style. Before you can start taking strides in these shoes, however, you might need some inspiration for outfits with wedges. 

With a few ideas to guide your summer ensembles, you’ll be on your way to enjoying all the treats of the season in style.

#1 Elevate a Simple Sundress with Wedge Heels

When at last you can say so long to cold, rainy days and welcome the sunshine, you might be excited to enjoy the nice weather in a carefree outfit. A sundress is an effortless option when you’re going for a stroll in the park, grabbing a cold drink, or taking the chance to eat outdoors—and a wedge heel is the perfect shoe to match.

To put together the perfect sundress outfit, try one of the following style pairings:

  • A white sundress with bright wedges – Let your colorful wedges do the talking! Pair a cute white sundress with some bright shoes for an eye-catching pop of color. This chic look will make your shoes the star of the show while keeping it light and breezy.
  • Neutral wedges with a floral sundress – Floral sundresses are a staple in any warm-weather wardrobe. To balance the details of a colorful floral print, try pairing your dress with a neutral color wedge heel. Tan, black, and white offer excellent options, depending on the base and print colors of your dress. 
  • A maxi sundress with wedge sandals – When your wedge heels look needs a touch more elegance, simply choose a sundress with a bit more length. 

When you’re ready to take those new wedges for a spin, you can’t go wrong with a sundress. Wedges are some of the best shoes to wear with sundresses this summer. Soon, you’ll be reaching for your wedge heels every time you leave the house. 

#2 Go for Grunge with Chunky-Soled Wedges

With deconstructed details, loose cuts, and a darker color palette, a grunge-inspired look can make for some radical summer outfits. If your style sense leans toward the edgier side of fashion, a pair of spiky-soled chunky wedges will allow you to add a grungy lift to your ensemble and your footwear. 

To put together a grungy look in the summer, try the following:

  • Mix textures like plaid and lace – Nothing says grunge like a combo of contrasting textures. Try pairing your chunky wedges with textures like lace to incorporate plenty of grunge appeal. If you have a plaid dress or mini skirt, you can style it with some black wedges and throw on a beanie for a fun, grungy summer look.
  • Rock moody florals – Grunge outfits often have a moody aura to them. While summer outfits typically incorporate lighter, softer colors, you can add an edge to your vibe by dressing in a dark-toned floral dress instead. Then, pair it with some equally striking wedges in a dark color, like black, blue, or red.
  • Try wedge booties instead of classic wedges – Wedge-heeled sandals aren’t the only type of wedge available to you. If you like a grungier look, try a pair of wedge boots instead of traditional wedge heels. Women’s booties are a great way to add depth to your grungier “city look” or any casual outfit. Pair them with some distressed denim shorts, sheer tights, and a graphic tee for a look that nods to this style’s 90s roots.

Of course, don’t forget to finish this look with some grungy accessories. While leather jackets might be out in the summer, you can still add extra layers of texture with a choker, some spiky jewelry, or contrasting bracelets.

#3 Wear Wedge Espadrilles for a Beachy-Chic Look

If you have a pair of summer espadrilles you love, you’re not alone. Their rope soles give off a summer vibe that’s perfect for a stroll on the beach or a brunch with friends. But did you know this iconic style also comes in wedge form?

Throwing on a pair of wedge espadrilles is a great way to make a simple look feel effortlessly beachy. To put together a chic ensemble for your next beach day (or an outfit that makes everyone think you’re on your way to the beach), consider these tips:

  • Try terry cloth – The super-soft fabric of terry cloth isn’t just for lounging by the ocean, though it certainly sets the mood. Pair a stylish terry cloth top or romper with espadrille wedges to give any outfit that beachy feeling. 
  • Wear a matching set – For major beachy vibes, try pairing your wedge espadrilles with a matching set. Whether you're going to the beach or not, a matching top and shorts set is the perfect way to capture the simple pleasures of summer in your style. A set can work as a cute cover-up when thrown over a bikini, but it’s also perfect for a day on the town when matched with a pair of wedge espadrilles. 
  • Make it a wrap – A wrap dress or skirt will give off that easy-going seaside vibe alongside your espadrille wedges. Shrug on an eyelet lace shirt or light crocheted cardigan for a breezy layered look.

Of course, your espadrille wedges can bring the beach to just about any outfit. Don’t be afraid to add some beachy summer flair to your other outfits, like your business casual workwear or your formal evening looks. For more espadrille wedge outfit ideas, check out our blog!

#4 Try Cutout Wedges with a Black and White Outfit

If you want to create a more structured, minimalist look, try pairing some bold cutout wedges with a black and white ensemble.

Not only is a black and white outfit chic, stylish, and easy to put together, but you can also easily assemble one with pieces you already have in your closet. 

With this look, you have a couple of styling options:

  • Go for a monochrome look – For an ultra-modern look, opt for all black or all white clothes. Then, you can finish the look with a pair of black or white wedges (whichever color is the opposite of your clothes). 
  • Create contrast – If you prefer a little more definition, you can add contrast by pairing a black top and white pants or a white top and black bottoms. Then, choose a few accessories and a complementary black or white wedge.

Whether you’re going out to dinner or putting together a fancy date night look, pairing a black and white ensemble with a pair of creative cutout wedge heels offers an easy way to stay chic. 

To add an extra layer of shine and sophistication, consider incorporating simple metallic jewelry, like a gold or silver chain, bracelet, or dangly earrings.

#5 Pair Wedge Sandals with Shorts for Everyday Style

Wedge sandals might inspire outfits with flowing maxi dresses or sundresses, but those aren’t the only way to wear this shoe. In fact, a wedge sandal can create just as much pizazz with a casual pair of shorts.

If you want to uplift a relaxed day look with shorts and heels, consider the following outfit suggestions:

  • A casual T-shirt and shorts – Want to add a bit of fashionable flair to your grocery run or weekend lunch with friends? Find a cute pair of shorts and grab one of your favorite casual tees. Then, step into a stylish pair of solid-colored wedges to finish off your fun, everyday look. 
  • A blouse and high-waisted shorts – If you want a day look that’s slightly more elevated than a casual T-shirt look, grab a neutral blouse from your closet. Then, find a pair of high-waisted shorts and tuck your blouse into the shorts. Finish the look with a cute pair of neutral or printed wedges. 
  • A polished summer look – For a look that blends business wear with airy summer fun, try a wedge sandal with white denim or linen shorts. Top it off with a pastel-colored button-up and some fun summer jewelry. 

By dressing up your everyday looks with a pair of wedge sandals, you can give that special-occasion feeling to even the most casual outfit moments. 

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Reviewed By Andrew David Stewart

Andrew David Stewart is the Manager of Digital Marketing at TOMS and has been working in the digital marketing and social media world for 6 years. Andrew is a lover of nature and the outdoors, and is passionate about telling stories through digital media.


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