11 Shoes to Wear with Sundresses this Summer

When the days stretch long and hemlines crop shorter, few fashion fixtures conjure summertime nostalgia as dreamily as the summer sundress.

A classic piece that defies eras and trends, sundresses are as aesthetically gorgeous as they are practical: slip it on and out the door you go. And given how abundant summertime social calendars can get, it’s essential to have the right shoe you can reach for in a pinch to complement your favorite dresses.

Below, we’ve assembled your dream summer-ready shoe closet to pair with your most-loved sundresses for every occasion. Read on for our list of the 11 best shoes to wear with sundresses this summer. 

11 Shoes For Summer Dresses

The sundress is a garment that holds the essence of summer: timeless, effortless, and up for anything. 

Whether you’re scooping up a fresh bouquet at the farmer’s market or heading to the boardwalk for a balmy night by the sea, complement your favorite fluttery number with one of these 11 shoe styles. 

#1: Exploring The City: The Polished Heel

Whether you’re jetting overseas or venturing into a part of your city you’ve never seen before, every urban expedition needs a shoe you can wear for hours on end—without the blisters that can crop up after hours spent on foot.

For your stay- or away-cation, don a crisp sundress and a gently heeled sandal like the versatile Majorca. You’ll find two designs to suit whatever the neighborhood has to offer:

  • Closed-toe – The closed-toe Majorca can polish up your most-loved sundress with elegant suede or textile. Ideal for museum-touring, upscale dining, or lengthy strolls in local gardens.
  • Cut-out – For a more playful take on a midi dress or maxi dress, free your toes in cut-out sandals. Textiles in woven patterns, tie-dye, or ivory cloth can match whatever sundress you don as you put a new spin on your home city.

Whichever style is up your alley, the Majorca’s supportive ankle strap will keep you stable moseying from street to street.

#2: WFC (Working From Café): The Cork Sandal

Sundress, laptop, double Americano, and the guy at the best outdoor table just gave you his seat so you can spend the afternoon tapping away. If you’re spending hours on your laptop at an open-air café this summer, your favorite linen wrap dresses need an impeccable pair of sandals that let you live the WFH dream.

Complete the look with the European vintage-inspired Ava Sandal—a fusion of a classic cork platform with leather straps that keep you looking fresh and professional.

Whether you’re 1:1 with clients all day or managing your inbox for the afternoon, you’ll look chic and stay comfortable in these strappy sandals.

#3: Last-Minute Door Dashing: The Pillow-Soft Mule

The beauty of a sundress is the effortless style points you earn without the extra grooming it can take to get there. And on mornings where you may not have time to spare, you need a pair of shoes at the ready to pull the look together—even if you just need to dash across the street for your morning matcha before the workday starts.

Get to the coffee shop and back in 5 minutes flat in our plush, vibrant Mallow Mule. These versatile slip-ons combine frontal coverage with a lighter-than-air feel for shoes that will make your morning as seamless as the day dress you slip into.

#4: Summer Bike Riding: The Canvas Slip-On

Summer bike rides and summer sundresses are a match made in heaven. But choosing the right shoe for this carefree look can be tricky. The ideal pair is:

  • Laceless – Shoelaces can get tangled up in your gears (particularly if you’re a speed demon), so look for a pair of shoes that stay firmly put without the extra trappings.
  • Breathable – Heat combined with exercise is a recipe for sweat, which can lead to itchiness or odor if your designs aren’t built to circulate air. Look for breathable fabrics like canvas and cotton to keep you cool and moisture-free.
  • Supportive – Whether you’re biking to the lighthouse for a dinner on the beach or just out for a lap around the neighborhood, choose a structure that supports you while you pedal to your destination and whenever you land on your feet.
  • Low-friction – Opt for forgiving styles that won’t chafe against your skin as you bike. If you want to wear socks, aim for fabrics with some give to them and consider sizing up ½ a size to make room for the extra cushion.

A style that checks all the boxes? Meet our playful Alpargatas—Our beloved slip on shoes for women that are a match made in bicycle heaven.

From lapis-hued Batik prints to 90s-inspired “Summer Love” plaids, these canvas patterned shoes let you ride in pure comfort with soles built for airflow and a canvas frame that bids biking blisters goodbye. Couple this shoe with a simple cotton sundress, and wear alone or with a crisp pair of white socks for a school’s-out-for-summer look.

#5: 5pm At The Courts: The Classic Lace-Up

You don’t have to be a Williams sister—or even playing the game—to serve looks by the courts this season. If your friends are gathering to watch a rally, a scrimmage, or an athletic event of any sort, you can sport up your sundress with a smart pair of sneakers.

The canvas Fenix sneaker offers pure comfort with a touch of extra cushion at the collar to keep your ankles stable if you’re enlisted to catch any stray tennis balls. Opt for the reserved white sneaker style and let your summer dress speak for itself. Choose from two versatile styles:

  • Lace-ups for a youthful tomboy flair that can offset your floatiest sundress.
  • Slip-ons for a casual California surf-inspired take that will earn you athletic credit on the courts (whether or not you pick up a racket)

#6: Dining Out: The Wedge Heel

If there’s one thing everyone looks forward to come summertime, it’s those sumptuous summer nights that stay as deliciously warm as the golden daylight hours. Take your summer sundress from day to night with an evening-ready espadrille like the Monica Mule Wedge Heel

Don’t know where the night will take you (or how long you’ll be out)? No sweat. 

Some wedge shoes are a dream for meshing comfort and style, with ample support to ward off sore ankles and peek-a-boo toes to keep your ensemble a little bit coy. For more espadrille wedges outfit ideas, check out our blog!

#7: Cruising the Beach And Boardwalk: The Lace-Inspired Slip-On

If your summer evening is all about strolling the beach and enjoying boardwalk games, look for a shoe that lets you slip on and off the pier—without having to stop every 15 minutes to knock the sand out of your shoes. 

Pair your sundress collection’s boardwalk best with the Alpargata Moroccan Crochet slip-on for a youthful evening ensemble that lets you stay light on your feet. TOMS’ signature CloudBound™ Sole keeps the promise of comfort no matter where you’re strolling with a delicate crochet detail that will elevate even your most casual dress to Ferris wheel heights.

#8: Walking the Farmer’s Market: The Colorful Flat

Step out to the markets in your flowing maxi dress with a walkable pair of flats to match. The Hmong Tapestry Rope Espadrilles come in eight textile options, making these women’s flats particularly well-suited for understated sundresses that could use a dose of visual interest.

Choose from textiles in an heirloom tomato-ripe color or neutral palettes that play with texture, and breathe new life into your most-loved summer dress with these flat sandals. 

#9: Running Errands: The Luxurious Slip-On

A day of ticking off your to-do list is all the more satisfying with a pair of slip-ons dreamier to slip into than they are to slip off.

We hybridized our classic Alparagata and our signature Mallow Mules for the coziest +1 your feet could dream of: The Alpargata Mallow. Among the 12 patterns and colors to choose from, you’ll also find two unique textiles to match your sundress of choice, including:

  • Heritage canvas made of jute—a sturdy, resilient, plant-based fiber that dries quickly (in case you’re running errands during a summer flash storm).
  • Corduroy, for exterior softness that mirrors the cozy OrthoLite® Eco LT Hybrid™ insoles.

Even better? As a member of our earthwise™ collection, we designed this shoe to be as kind to the planet as it is to your feet.

#10: Picnicking Outdoors: The Platform Sandal

Pair a string light-lit backyard, a gaggle of friends, and your favorite evening floral dress with a platform wedge that lifts you a little bit closer to the starry night sky. 

The Diana Wedge Sandal gives you a gentle grip on grass or gravel with sawtooth outsoles—no heels skewering the turf as you walk. Choose canvas textiles in classic black, beachy neutrals, or pastel pinks to play up a flirty mini dress or midi cuts with a flouncy skirt. 

A sundress is one of our favorite outfits with wedges and whatever the occasion, the Diana’s braided rope wrap detail toes the line between timeless sophistication and a grounded, down-to-earth feel.

#11: Getting Away for the Weekend: The Walkable Sandal

There’s nothing like an impromptu weekend getaway to lean into the spirit of summer and break you out of your day-to-day. Before you hit the road, pack your duffel with an off-the-shoulder summer sundress and a pair of walkable, gladiator-inspired sandals to whisk you through whatever the weekend holds.

Our Sicily Sandals were designed for days spent on foot in nearby towns or on backtrails tucked away behind the pines: 

  • Molded rubber outsoles and cushioned interiors conform to your stride 
  • Adjustable straps lock in your perfect fit 

In leather neutrals or youthful patterns, like spotted Macadamia or spirited Tie Dye, these strappy sandals will ensure stylish memories for seasons to come.

Find Your Sundress’s Summer Love with TOMS Footwear

Summer calls for shoes that are as stylish as they are versatile, from classy and elegant wedge heels to breathable and laceless women’s platform shoes. TOMS shoes for women are designed to provide unparalleled comfort—no matter what terrain you’ll be walking—in styles to match any sundress in your closet. 

From the slip-ons you slide into before the ice cream truck departs to the open-toe heels you go to for golden hour, wear your favorite sundress with a perfect pair of TOMS to put your best feet forward this season.

Reviewed By Andrew David Stewart

Andrew David Stewart is the Manager of Digital Marketing at TOMS and has been working in the digital marketing and social media world for 6 years. Andrew is a lover of nature and the outdoors, and is passionate about telling stories through digital media.


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