How to Wear Slip-On Shoes With Socks

People have some pretty strong opinions about what types of footwear you should or shouldn't wear with socks. While there's no official rulebook, we can think of many reasons to rock slip-on shoes with socks. Here's what you should know.

Why Socks Are Better Than No Socks

There are some exceptions, but generally speaking, you're wise to wear socks with closed-toe shoes. When you walk around in slip-ons, you can expect your feet to sweat, especially when exercising or hanging out in hot or humid weather.

Going sockless in slip-on shoes could lead to blisters, chafing, and discoloration in the footbeds, not to mention smelly odors. A good pair of socks will help absorb moisture and prevent your toes, heels, and ankles from rubbing against the material. In the end, you'll be much more comfortable, and your shoes will last a lot longer.

Slip-On Shoes With Socks: 6 Tips

Not wanting to wear socks with certain types of slip-on shoes is understandable. The good thing is most men’s shoes and slip-on shoes for women are better worn with socks and for on the go parents our kids’ velcro shoes, when worn with socks, provide a comfortable and secure fit for your children. However, low-rise styles don't always conceal socks, and they may not go with the rest of your outfit—plus they sometimes slip down. Even still, it's typically best to wear them.

These six tips will help you get it right.

1. Consider the Occasion

Like shoes, there are casual socks, dress socks, everyday socks, athletic socks, winter socks, and everything in between. When figuring out which type to wear, consider where you're going, what the dress code is, and whether you need them to keep your toes warm.

2. Look for a Similar Silhouette

If your priority is functionality rather than making a statement, look for socks in a silhouette similar to the shoes you're wearing. For instance, crew socks sit just above the ankles like Chelsea boots and wedge booties.

3. Go No-Show

If you can't find a silhouette that matches your shoes or just want to make sure your socks aren't at all visible, opt for no-shows. Sometimes called invisible socks or loafer liners, no-show socks are meant to protect your feet and shoes while remaining unseen. A typical no-show sock doesn't even go past the ankle, making it ideal for classic closed back flat shoes, boat shoes, espadrilles, ballet flats, and canvas shoes.

This type of sock is ideal for flats and espadrilles. While some styles tend to slip down and bunch up uncomfortably under your arches, this isn't the case with TOMS. Our no-show socks have handy silicone grips on the heels to ensure they stay in place, plus friction-free toe closures for continuous comfort.

4. Or Show Off Taller Socks in Low-Tops

On the other hand, you can go bold with taller socks and low-top shoes. TOMS carries crew socks in a range of cool designs you'll definitely want to show off, like leopard, camo, and retro stripes. They pair well with laceless mid-cut shoes, slip-on sneakers, and our Classic Alpargatas.

5. Opt for Neutral Colors

When you're not necessarily trying to conceal your socks or make a statement with a busy pattern, your best bet is to choose neutral hues. Think black, white, beige, taupe, brown, navy, or gray. If a sliver of your versatile sock is visible, you'll have peace of mind knowing it doesn't clash with the rest of your outfit.

6. Look for Cushioning, Minimal Seams, and Grips

Most importantly, you should look for socks with adequate cushioning, minimal seams, and grips. Why? Simply put, when wearing socks is more comfortable than not wearing them, you're more likely to put them on.

With this in mind, TOMS crew socks feature lightly cushioned arches and seamless toe closures. And our no-show socks boast three lines of grippy silicone on the heels.

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Reviewed By Kendall Pilgrim 

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