9 Best Slip-On Shoes for Work for Women

As a professional, you need your footwear to be not only comfortable and work-appropriate but also uncomplicated. Not a fan of buckles, laces, and zippers? Totally understandable. And luckily, there are lots of excellent slip-on shoes for women to choose from. 

So, what are the best slip-on shoes for work for women? That depends on your job, what the dress code is, and of course, your personal style. In any case, we rounded up our favorite options, including classic designs and fashion-forward picks for every season and any dress code.

What Are the Best Slip-On Shoes for Work?

The best slip-on shoes for work are comfortable styles that make you look prepared and put together. If you think laceless, low-heel or otherwise pared-down shoes aren't as professional or elegant as high heels, think again.

Business attire has evolved over the decades, and your options are no longer limited to pumps and flats—though we love a good flat. What's more, today's slip-ons are increasingly trendy and versatile, not to mention comfy and supportive.

The best slip-on shoes for women include flats, smoking slippers, peep-toe wedges, wedge booties, Chelsea boots, wedge sandals, espadrilles, TOMS Classics, and potentially laceless sneakers (more on this later).

Read on for styling tips and insight into which of these are better suited for different types of jobs.

1. Flats

When it comes to professional attire, you really can't go wrong with flats. This sleek, sophisticated shoe is comfortable, flattering, and suitable for most seasons.

Not only that, but you can wear flats with slacks, trousers, pencil skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, you name it. They're easy to dress up or down and are generally appropriate for dress codes ranging from casual to business formal.

When you shop for women's flats from TOMS, you'll discover slip-on styles with modest half-inch heels and twill, suede, canvas, or embossed uppers with leather welts. Our custom German soles offer traction underfoot, while built-in insoles provide all-day comfort.

2. Smoking Slippers

Smoking slippers (aka smoking shoes) are a tried-and-true footwear style for both women and men. But don't let the name throw you off—the classic slip-on is popular among non-smokers, and it's more of a flat than a slipper. It's also one comfortable shoe.

This flat-loafer hybrid is understated yet undeniably chic, making it one of the best slip-on shoes for work. TOMS smoking slippers for women boast oiled nubuck, smooth leather, or blanket-woven uppers, plus durable outsoles and cushioned OrthoLite® insoles.

Like other flats, these elegant shoes are suitable for various professional environments, including offices, conference rooms, convention centers, reception areas, and shared workspaces.

3. Peep-Toe Wedges

Whether peep-toe shoes are formal, semi-formal, or business casual is debatable, but the slip-on style is suitable for most work settings. We're big fans of peep-toe wedges in the spring, summer, and fall, as they're flattering, versatile, and comfier than traditional high heels.

You can wear these slip-ons with a pleated midi-skirt, a pencil skirt, cropped trousers, pressed slacks, and maybe even dark-wash jeans on Casual Friday. The peep-toe styles from TOMS have supple suede uppers and reliable rubber outsoles, plus hidden V-shaped gores for easy on and off.

4. Wedge Booties

What about your winter wardrobe? Women's wedge booties are perfect for the chilly season, keeping your toes covered while taking your look to the next level. Wedge booties are also ideal when you’re working in the winter and are the perfect slip-on shoes you can wear with comfy socks.

With handy heel tabs, dual gore panels, and an effortless pull-on design, the high ankle boots from TOMS are a fabulous footwear option you can wear not just in the winter but all four seasons.

5. Chelsea Boots

When the forecast shows rain, snow, or sleet, you'll want to have a pair of good non-slip shoes with weather-treated uppers at the ready. Enter: the Chelsea boot.

This brilliant bootie is characterized by a slim silhouette, exposed elastic panels, and heel tabs. Women in the workforce appreciate that Chelsea boots can be dressed up or down and are suitable for most casual, business-casual, and professional settings.

The lugged styles from TOMS boast water-resistant uppers and thick rubber outsoles for optimal traction underfoot. Unlike most iterations, our Chelseas have pull tabs on both the vamp and heel, plus cushioned footbeds for long-lasting comfort.

6. Wedge Sandals

If your employer allows open-toed shoes, you might consider getting a pair of wedge sandals for the spring and summer. This warm-weather women's footwear staple typically features cork, stacked leather, or jute-wrapped EVA outsoles. The tastefully organic appeal of wedges goes well with maxi dresses, flowy skirts, and chinos.

When you browse the collection of heels and wedges from TOMS, you'll see backless slides, cutout sandals, and tan platform heels with textile or suede uppers, cushioned footbeds, and high-traction soles to keep you comfortable and steady on your feet.

7. Espadrilles

Espadrilles have been around for centuries and remain a fashion favorite among women to this day. Their defining characteristic is a braided-jute or esparto-wrapped sole. The slip-on style is traditionally a flat-soled shoe, though you can also find espadrille wedges and sometimes sneakers.

TOMS espadrilles for women include flats and wedges you can wear to work with pants, dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, or jeans if they're allowed. Each pair has cotton or suede uppers, cushioned footbeds, and sturdy rubber outsoles, making it a comfortable work shoe. 

8. TOMS Classics

TOMS Classic Alpargatas are undoubtedly among the most comfortable and versatile slip-on shoes for men and women alike. The fan-favorite flat-soled style was inspired by the Argentine alpargata and features scalloped leather, jute-wrapped, or simple rubber outsoles with traction pads and our signature custom tread.

Several of our Alpargatas are designed with traditional textile uppers, including linen, canvas, and burlap. We also carry suede, leather, grosgrain, and wool options featuring various colors, prints, and embellishments.

Considering its wear-anywhere design, seasonless silhouette, stretchy gores, and hand-washable OrthoLite® footbeds, it's easy to see why this slip-on sustainable shoe has stood the test of time.

9. Slip-On Sneakers

As you're probably aware, sneakers aren't allowed in all work settings. Having said that, "business-casual" is somewhat of a loose term, and dress codes have evolved to include a broader range of styles in recent years.

If you get the stamp of approval to wear tennis shoes to work, your best bet is a laceless pair. The slip-on design makes them a little sleeker and thus more passable in professional settings, plus they're easier to get on and off.

Additionally, your shoes should be clean and free of scuffs. If you're in the market for a fresh pair, check out the women's slip-on sneakers from TOMS. They've got elastic gores, removable cushioned footbeds, custom rubber outsoles, and leather, suede, or textured linen uppers.

Where to Buy Comfortable Women's Shoes for Work

If you're looking for comfortable slip-on shoes to add to your 9-to-5 wardrobe, you've come to the right place. TOMS is proud to carry a range of popular women's styles, including wear-anywhere designs and professional options for every season. From flats and booties to wedges and espadrilles, we have it all.

Not only do our styles feel great on your feet, but you can also feel great about wearing them. Shop slip-on shoes for women today!


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