3 Best Shoes for Walking on the Beach this Summer

There are few summer activities as enjoyable as going to the beach. Maybe for you that means relaxing on a lounge chair and catching up on a good book. Or, maybe you’re all about splashing around in the ocean and building sandcastles with friends and family. For many of us, however, the beach also inspires plenty of long, enjoyable walks by the water.

To keep your feet stylish and comfy during a relaxing stroll along the ocean, you’ll need the best shoes for walking on the beach.

Some people like the sand between their toes, while others want to keep their feet clean and dry. Regardless, finding the best walking shoe is a key step in keeping your beach walks cool and carefree. 

#1 Wear Strappy Sandals for Lightweight Comfort

When you imagine your ideal beachy style, sandals are probably the first footwear that comes to mind—and with good reason. These fun shoes can come in lots of different style options, so you’ll always have a pair to match your outfit. 

If you’re going to be walking on the beach rather than relaxing in a lounge chair, you want beach sandals that:

  • Have water drainage holes
  • Will hold up for multiple uses on the sand
  • Are waterproof 

A well-structured beach travel shoe will also provide support when walking on wet or dry sand. 

For a lightweight beach walking shoe that checks these boxes while offering plenty of comfort, try these sandal options:

  • A criss-cross sandal – This option provides cute summer style and will stay put without weighing you down.
  • A chunky-soled sandal – With extra treads for traction, this shoe can provide comfort while preventing slippage on wet and slippery surfaces, as well as handling rocky beaches with ease. 
  • A lug-soled platform sandal – This sandal comes with the bonus of extra height and cushioning for beach-walking bliss.

With summer soon approaching, strappy sandals might take home the cake for also being the best shoes to wear with sundresses.

#2 Try Espadrilles for a Closed-Toe Style

While sandals are always a popular beach option, there are times when you might prefer a closed-toe beach shoe. With jute rope details and many styles of uppers, a quality pair of women’s platform shoes or espadrilles will deliver beachy fashion to your oceanside walk.

Consider choosing a style of these comfortable walking shoes that complements your personality. A few of the many options include:

  • Espadrilles with botanical lace uppers – If you have an eye for natural beauty, this style will bring plenty of floral charm to your beach walk.
  • Espadrilles with natural canvas uppers – The breathable fabric of this shoe means your feet will stay nice and cool on hot days. Plus, they’ll quick-dry easily if any waves catch up with you. 
  • Peep toe espadrille shoes – Yep, you can have both the open toe feel of sandals and the style of espadrilles, all in one! While these shoes let your toes peek through, they still offer a bit more coverage for more chilly evening strolls by the sea.

Whatever espadrille style you choose, be sure to opt for one with a rubber outsole that you feel supports your foot well. An espadrille with a rubber sole will stand up better to water and hot sand, allowing this comfortable shoe option to accompany you on even more beach walks in the future. Snazz up your espadrilles wedges outfits with a flowy sundress or a cute blouse.

#3 Slip into Slide Sandals for a Versatile Beach Walking Shoe

If you’re no stranger to beach strolls, you might know that your walk by the ocean can easily transform into many other things. Whether you decide to take a spontaneous swim, play a game of frisbee, or end your walk under the beach umbrella, a beach shoe you can easily slide on and off can lend your beach promenade plenty of versatility.

Look for a pair of slide sandals with both style and comfort, such as:

  • Slide sandals with padded uppers – With heaps of supportive cushioning and arch support, this option is great for those with flat feet and will make your walk by the water feel like a walk in the clouds.
  • Slide sandals with jersey uppers – Thanks to their soft fabric, these types of sandals won’t rub your feet after a dip in the water. You can also find them in a variety of patterns and prints, allowing you to mix and match them with any beach outfit.
  • Flip flop slide sandals – Of course, no trip to the beach would be complete without a pair of flip flops. To elevate these beach sandals, look for a pair with fabric uppers and a padded rubber sole.

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Reviewed By Andrew David Stewart

Andrew David Stewart is the Manager of Digital Marketing at TOMS and has been working in the digital marketing and social media world for 6 years. Andrew is a lover of nature and the outdoors, and is passionate about telling stories through digital media.


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