TOMS is honored to be partnering with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to provide financial support to its global conservation efforts including those dedicated to protecting rhinos. These limited edition women's and kids' Classics feature a colorful rhino print.

Rhinos are threatened by poaching, which is driven by a growing demand for rhino horn in parts of Asia. WWF is one of the few organizations tackling the urgent threats to rhinos with the goal of recovering populations of all five species. WWF works to incentivize local communities to save rhinos, strengthen protected areas, improve anti-poaching efforts, stop trafficking and stamp out demand for rhino horn. With over 50 years of conservation experience, WWF has learned it takes a local-to-global approach to recover rhinos.

To learn more about WWF's rhino conservation efforts, visit http://www.worldwildlife.org/species/rhino

About the Initiative

TOMS Chief Animal Lover Heather Mycoskie was inspired to start the TOMS Animal Initiative when she learned that wild lions are at risk of being extinct.

"I felt like there was so much we could do to come together to save these and other majestic animals," says Heather. "Combining my love for animals and my love for TOMS made perfect sense."

Through the TOMS Animal Initiative, TOMS will be partnering with nonprofit animal conservation organizations to drive awareness and funding for global animal protection.

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