It’s a philosophy rooted deeply in TOMS’ mission to improve lives—namely by helping fund access to mental health resources for the millions of people who need them. 

The Wear Good ethos inspired our Spring collection, a representation of the beautiful ways people incorporate Wear Good into their lives. Our goal is that Wear Good will encourage unique style, bring comfort to people’s feet and souls, and shine a bright light on the conversation around mental health.



Fashion Designer, Mental Health Advocate

Christian Cowan is a Mental Health Advocate and Fashion Designer/Founder of CHRISTIAN COWAN, home to fashion designs that glamorously celebrate women and stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

TOMS is proud to have partnered with Christian on a collaboration at his Fall runway show—a partnership that shared purpose, meaning and social responsibility through thoughtful, refined designs. Together—and apart—we’re committed to style that champions individuality, drives impact and supports accessibility to mental health.

Christian Cowan wearing TOMS shoes shown.

“When I Wear Good, I feed my soul—because I'm constantly following my heart rather than getting dressed for others.”

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Mental Health Tip

Take a break to draw or color.

Drawing / coloring is proven to promote mindfulness, relieve stress and help you feel seen. A blank canvas provides a space for your mind to unload, offering a safe space for your thoughts and emotions to sit and breathe.

Jacqueline Garcia


Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Mental Health Clinical Therapist

Jacqueline Garcia uses her platform as a bilingual Spanish speaking Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Mental Health Clinical Therapist to be an architect of change around the mental health narrative. She is also the founder of Therapy Lux, a telehealth practice, helping individuals break intergenerational cycles and heal within.

She emanates a bright energy, palpable to all around her, but it’s not come without her fair share of healing. As a first generation Mexican-American, she struggled to adjust to a new culture and new style of being. Jacqueline used her energy and time in therapy to rise above, eventually becoming a therapist herself—so she can help others do the same.

Jacqueline Garcia wearing TOMS shoes shown.

“The energy I wear is the positive energy I bring into every room I step into. That’s why I choose to Wear Good.”

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Mental Health Tip

Reflect on your journey with your ancestry in mind.

Set aside thinking time, or perhaps write a letter, in reflection of where you’ve come from. Honor the triumphs and challenges that are written into your DNA. Breathe life into the culture that has shaped you, and acknowledge the struggles you’ve experienced along the way. By addressing your experiences truthfully, you can hopefully move forward more lightly.

*Tip provided by: Letters to Strangers

Tay Lautner


Registered Nurse & Co-Host of ‘The Squeeze’ Podcast, Mental Health Advocate

Tay Lautner is the Co-Host of ‘The Squeeze’ Podcast, a Mental Health Advocate and a Registered Nurse who worked through the thick of COVID-19. Having experienced burnout and anxiety during this time, she went on to launch The Lemons Foundation, a nonprofit that provides accessible resources and support to people struggling with mental health.

She is a believer in growing through her experiences and honoring her emotions as they come.

Tay Lautner wearing TOMS shoes shown.

“I Wear Good just by being my authentic self.”

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Mental Health Tip

Set a boundary.

Notice what drains your energy and keeps you from feeling your best. To the best of your ability, establish personal limits to protect your mental and emotional space. Enforce your limits through clear communication in both relationships and situations. Doing so will enable you to prioritize your own well-being effectively.

*Tip provided by: Black Emotional & Mental Health Collective



Artist, Songwriter & Advocate for Survivor Wellness

MILCK—Artist, Songwriter & Advocate for Survivor Wellness—known for her anthemic songs that put lyrics to global grassroot movements—uses her music as a tool to impart awareness surrounding mental health, especially for survivors of domestic violence. Her hit single, “Quiet”, honors her own lived experiences.

In 2020, she created The Somebody's Beloved Fund, raising money for 10 grassroots organizations, including those who advocate for more accessible mental health resources.

Milck wearing TOMS shoes shown.

“I Wear Good to remind myself that I matter and that my experience in this world matters.”

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Mental Health Tip

Listen to music.

Several studies have proven that listening to music can lower blood pressure and heart rate (both spike when you’re stressed). Listening to music can even lower stress hormones in the body, bringing your mind to a state of calm. Here is a playlist of songs that make us feel good.

Millana Snow


Breathwork Facilitator, Mental Health Advocate

Practicing meditation since age four, Millana Snow, Breathwork Facilitator and Mental Health Advocate, has become one of the leading voices in the global wellness space. A multifaceted energy healer, speaker and wellness entrepreneur, she believes in the power of living slowly and intentionally, and offers numerous workshops on breathwork and connecting to one’s inner child.

Clients applaud Millana for her teachings on healing and guidance for their own mental health.

Millana Snow wearing TOMS shoes shown.

“Wearing Good, for me, is a choice—to make decisions mindfully that have a positive impact.”

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Mental Health Tip

Practice breathing exercises.

There are many different types of breathing exercises that can help you feel more centered and in control of your mind, emotions and body. Commit to integrative breathing with intention, paying close attention to how you feel before, during and after your exercises. Use this time to look inward, address the negative thoughts or feelings that come your way, have a conversation with yourself, and find a way forward.

Mandy Teefey


Co-Founder & CEO Wondermind, Mental Health Advocate

Mandy Teefey is the co-founder and CEO of Wondermind, a platform committed to tackling the stigma behind mental health and creating accessibility to mental fitness. She’s also a Mental Health Advocate and the founder and CEO of Kicked to the Curb Productions, where she has developed award winning content.

Her credentials are impressive, but it’s the attitude she embodies that she credits to her ability to Wear Good.

Mandy Teefey wearing TOMS shoes shown.

“I define style as an attitude. That, to me, is what it means to Wear Good.”

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Mental Health Tip

Spread knowledge, share good.

Pay your knowledge and mental strength forward. Share the daily practices that bring ease to your mind with those who could benefit from it. Is it journaling? Speaking with a therapist? Exercising? Foster a community for mental fitness through resources, support and understanding.

TOMS is committed to advancing mental health through increased awareness, accessibility and action. We are in daily conversation with our Impact Partners, who offer science-backed strategies for improving mental health. The mental health tips shared are just a few inspired by our Impact Partners that our fellow champions in mental health practice on a day-to-day basis.

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Spring / Summer 2024 Lookbook

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