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From May 5 – May 21, Instagram your bare feet with the hashtag
#WITHOUTSHOES to give a new pair of shoes to a child in need.*

Check back on Thursday, May 21 to see
the total number of shoes you've helped give.

Today is the culmination of One Day Without Shoes!

Thanks to your barefoot pics, so far


children will receive new shoes.

For One, Another

We believe in creating a world
we live for one, another.
This year, on One Day Without Shoes,
we're honoring your commitment
to raising awareness
for children's
health & education.
For every photo of bare feet
tagged on Instagram,
we'll actually give a new pair
of shoes to a child in need —
no purchase necessary.

#withoutshoes Take a barefoot photo

Tag your friends and
challenge them to do the same.
Because the more you share,
the more you give.

*Up to 1 million, limit one photo per person via Instagram. Profile must be public.


Let's do this!


Why Shoes?

Shoes can increase
access to education

In India

Providing children with school uniforms, which often
include shoes, can increase school attendance by up to
62% (Source: Evans, 2009).

TOMS Giving Partner Magic Bus' programs
distribute TOMS School Shoes and encourage
children to attend school regularly, which reduces
their chances of dropping out.

See the result

See how shoes help in Ethiopia


Shoes can help
treat disease

In Ethiopia

At least 4 million people in 15 countries are
affected by podoconiosis, a debilitating disease that causes painful swelling of the feet and legs. (Source: WHO, 2013).

TOMS Giving Partner IOCC produces specially
made boots to help treat and reverse the effects of
podoconiosis. They are then distributed in
local clinics supported by TOMS.

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See how shoes help in Guatemala


Shoes can protect
feet from illness

In Guatemala

1.3 billion people lack regular access to health care
services, leaving many children susceptible to water and soil-borne illnesses, which can be transmitted through the feet (Source: WHO, 2012).

Talita Kumi, a TOMS Giving Partner, distributes our Wet-Weather Slip-On to protect children’s feet from the rainy muddy seasons and parasites like hookworm.

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See how shoes help in China


Shoes can improve
learning ability

In China

Amblyopia (lazy eye) is an eye condition that if left
untreated, can permanently affect a child's learning ability (Source: Stanford University/REAP, 2014).

Nearly 4 million children suffer from amblyopia. TOMS is currently working with REAP to study the effects of shoes as an incentive for treatment of amblyopia. Our Red Canvas Slip-On is distributed to preschool children who received screening and participated in treatment.

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See how shoes help in Jordan


Shoes can
provide comfort

In Jordan

There are over 43.7 million refugees around the world.
Nearly half are children, spending their childhoods away from home without access to basic amenities, which can include warm shoes (Source: UNHCR).

TOMS Giving Partner Save the Children distributes new Winter Boots to children at the Za’atari Refugee Camp through its Child-Friendly Spaces. TOMS Winter Boots help children living at the camp stay warm during the coldest months.

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See how shoes help in the United States


Shoes can encourage
healthy lifestyles

In the United States

Childhood obesity has more than doubled in the
past 30 years (Source: Ogden, 2014).

TOMS Giving Partner LA’s BEST distributes Sports Shoes to children enrolled in its BEST Fit program, which integrates shoes into health programming with a focus on physical activity and nutrition, and encourages kids to become advocates for healthier lifestyles.

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Instagram your bare feet
with the hashtag #withoutshoes to give a new pair of shoes
to a child in need.

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Tag your friends and
challenge them to do the same!

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