8 Best Slip-On Sneakers for Men in 2021

Sneakers are arguably the comfiest footwear category for men and women alike. They're versatile, seasonless, and can be dressed up or down for various occasions. Not only that, but it's probably safe to say tennis shoes will never go out of fashion.

When it comes to trainers, there are nearly endless styles to choose from—especially for guys. But one that stands out in terms of comfort and versatility is the slip-on. Slip on sneakers can be considered one of the best casual sneakers for men to style with shorts or pants and a tee.

If you appreciate casual, wear-anywhere sneakers for men and want to step up your game, you've come to the right place. Read on for a rundown of the best slip-on sneakers for men.

What Are the Best Slip-On Sneakers for Men?

Sneakers are the ultimate streetwear style. You can wear a pair of tennis shoes with your favorite jeans, workout apparel, chinos, shorts, or athleisure wear. What's more, you've got tons of options in the laceless category.

The best slip on sneakers for men include simple silhouettes with weatherized uppers, casual crepe-wrapped styles, laid-back alpargatas, classic canvas shoes, water-resistant technical trainers, laceless tennis shoes for travel, sporty boat shoes, and sneakerized slippers. Get details about each style below.

1. Weatherized, Wear-Anywhere Slip-Ons

If you're looking for shoes you can wear year-round, rain or shine, you can't go wrong with a pair of weatherized slip-ons. This easygoing men's footwear style is a go-to for daily outings and weekend get-togethers with easy slip on shoes.

The classically cool men's slip-on sneakers from TOMS have canvas or suede uppers to offer water resistance for your next excursion. A rubber lug-style outsole with vulcanized foxing offers top-notch traction on slick floors and sidewalks while helping to keep your feet dry.

Elastic gore panels and heel tabs make these shoes easy to get on and off. If you're not already convinced, get this: TOMS slip-ons have OrthoLite Eco LT Hybrid insoles to keep you comfy and light on your feet. This slip-on pair can also be considered one of the best walking sneakers for men that are comfortable and durable. 

2. Casual Crepe-Wrapped Slip-Ons

We're also big fans of the crepe-wrapped slip-on, a handsome sneaker-loafer hybrid with an old-school appeal. With the sporty informality of a tennis shoe and the polished flair of a dress shoe, this men's footwear style is the best of both worlds.

The designs from TOMS have supple suede uppers and sturdy rubber outsoles with textured crepe foxing. They're durable, versatile, and fit for most occasions. Handy heel tabs make them easy to get on, and removable OrthoLite footbeds provide ample cushioning and all-day comfort.

3. Classic Canvas Slip-Ons

When it comes to street shoes, you really can't go wrong with classic canvas slip-ons. From jeans and a t-shirt to chinos and a button-down, these low-profile sneakers can be worn with just about any ensemble.

The options from TOMS have notably breathable and naturally sourced canvas uppers with stretchy gore panels for easy on-off and timeless touch. These flexible tennis shoes also boast rubber soles and vulcanized foxing, plus cushioned insoles with recycled strobel boards.

4. Water-Resistant Technical Sneakers

Slip-on street shoes—but make them weatherized. For something a little sportier, consider technical sneakers, like this active-inspired laceless pair from TOMS.

Our technical trainers have water-resistant suede and canvas uppers and come in a range of neutral hues like black, navy, gray, and olive. With sneaker soles in white, black, beige, or speckled brown, they boast the perfect level of contrast without sacrificing versatility.

The dual-density EVA rubber outsoles provide lightweight flexibility and continuous traction on wet, slippery, and uneven terrain. A ribbed knit collar and pull tabs on the heel and forefoot offer effortless entry.

5. Lightweight Laceless Travel Trainers

Then you've got the laceless travel trainer, an incredibly lightweight and versatile shoe designed for the guy on the go. The men's styles from TOMS feature thick yet breathable canvas uppers and come in dapper shades like forest green, black, gray, and deep navy with contrasting crisp white soles. You can wear this endlessly comfy and flexible sneaker on an airplane, during your work commute, while sightseeing, to happy hour—you name it.

6. Laid-Back Alpargatas

If you're in the market for an everyday street shoe, you might also consider The alpargata Terrain. Our take on this classic men's slip-on has weatherized canvas and suede uppers for a fashion-forward appeal and dry feet, rain or shine.

With rubber lug-style outsoles, vulcanized foxing, and patterned tread underfoot, you can count on maximum traction while braving the outdoor elements. Heel tabs and elastic gores make these laid-back tennis shoes easy to take on and off, and a hand-washable insole provides comfy cushioning for hours on end.

About TOMS Alpargatas

TOMS Classic Aplargatas are undeniably some of the most versatile and comfortable slip on shoes for women and men alike. Inspired by Argentine alpargata, the flat-soled fan-favorite flaunts jute-wrapped, scalloped leather, or pared-down rubber outsoles with our signature custom tread.

Many of our designs feature traditional textile uppers in canvas, linen, and burlap. When you browse the collection, you'll also find leather, suede, wool, and grosgrain options.

On account of the seasonless silhouette, wear-anywhere design, hand-washable cushioned footbeds, and stretchy gore panels, it's easy to see why TOMS Alpargatas have stood the test of time.

7. Sporty Boat Shoes

Classically sporty with a preppy appeal, boat shoes are among the best slip-on styles for guys. The designs from TOMS combine the tailored look of boat shoes with the practicality of alpargatas to bring you a comfortable, versatile hybrid you can wear on just about any occasion.

Featuring our exclusive CloudBound soles and tie-less lacing over the forefoot, they're refreshingly effortless and endlessly comfy with reliable traction to carry you through slippery situations. The canvas or chambray uppers and simple white outsoles pair well with everything from shorts and a polo to pressed slacks, jeans, and chinos.

8. Indoor/Outdoor Sneakerized Slippers

In the market for a shoe you can wear around the house, out on your patio, when checking the mail, while running errands, or all of the above? Look no further than sneakerized slippers.

This brilliant indoor/outdoor footwear style balances the comfort of traditional men's slippers with the practicality of tennis shoes. The designs from TOMS have felt-style REPREVE® recycled polyester or ripstop uppers and ultra-cozy faux fur lining.

More to the point, our sneakerized house shoes boast incredibly durable TPR outsoles with custom tread, so you can step outside with confidence and comfort. Built-in EVA rubber insoles provide ample cushioning, and a convertible heel gives you the option to wear them like a clog or a slip-on sneaker.

What to Look for When Buying Slip-On Sneakers for Men

When shopping around for sneakers—slip-on or lace-up—there are a few things to keep in mind. You'll want to look for breathable yet durable uppers, such as canvas, suede, leather, or a combination of materials.

Additionally, cushioned footbeds will provide support while keeping you comfortable on foot. As for the outsoles, EVA rubber is ideal, as it's durable and provides traction underfoot—extra points for patterned tread. And with slip-on styles, stretchy gore panels and pull tabs will tell you they're easy to get on and off. This comfortable and seamless style is also the perfect choice for on the go parents, kids’ velcro shoes are easy to slip on or off and the velcro strap helps with fit and stability.

Seasonless Men's Sneakers from TOMS

TOMS slip-on sneakers for men check all the boxes. We're talking breathable uppers, cushioned insoles, elastic gores, pull tabs, and sturdy rubber outsoles with our signature tread for everyday wear.

We carry everything from casual canvas sneakers and slippers to classic alpargatas and lightweight trainers, technical sneakers, and everything in between. From breathability to cushioned insole to superior comfort, we've got you covered. Not only that, but many of our styles are weatherized with water-resistant uppers, so you can rock them anytime, anywhere, any season.

Shop TOMS sneakers for men today!

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