About the Brand

About the Brand

Manufacturing bags, cases and accessories with locally sourced textiles, Della is a fashion line that employs 55 individuals in Hohoe, Ghana, while also providing literacy classes and money-management training.

How They Help

  • Education
  • Job Creation
  • Women

Meet the Founder

WHERE DID THE IDEA FOR DELLA ORIGINATE? In 2009, I traveled to Ghana for a volunteer program. The culture, the warm personalities and the amazing textiles in the Volta region really made an impression on me. I felt there was an opportunity to use local fabrics and to hire local seamstresses – to create a business that could create beautiful products and uplift the people who made them.

IN ADDITION TO CREATING JOBS, HOW DOES DELLA SUPPORT ITS EMPLOYEES? In Ghana, our employees participate in twice-weekly literacy classes. Our goal is to work with the women to obtain an eighth-grade reading level. Every Wednesday, we have our savings training, helping employees learn how to manage their finances. We even provide a savings account that pays 10% interest.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT TO YOU? At Della we say: We believe in responsibility, not charity. Our goal is to empower the women we work with – through jobs and education to create a better way of life for themselves and their families.

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