Giving School Shoes in India

Giving School Shoes in India

For 13-year-old Kalpana, the walk to school has always been a difficult one. Kalpana lives in an economically and socially marginalized community where her father works as a laborer, not generating much income for the family. Because of their economi ...
TOMS Employee Style

TOMS Employee Style

Meet Anita & Jessica - two of TOMS HQ employees who have their hands in a lot of fun projects here at 5404 Jandy Place. Read on to learn more about their style inspiration and how they took a chance and followed their gut straight into the TOMS f ...

TOMS Winter Boot update: Providing Aid to Syrian R ...

Last week we shared that over 4 million children have been affected by the Syrian civil war, which is now well into its third year. It has driven hundreds of thousands of families from their home country, leaving them without access to basic services ...
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