About the Brand

About the Brand

Employing more than 180 women to make hats, clothing and accessories, Krochet Kids intl. works to lift those individuals and their families out of poverty through a fair, consistent income, skills training and mentorship.

How They Help

  • Job Creation
  • Education
  • Women

Where They Help

  • South America
  • Africa
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Meet the Founders

WHERE DID THE IDEA FOR YOUR BUSINESS ORIGINATE? Stewart: In 2006, I took a trip to Uganda to do some volunteer work at an orphanage, which was in a government camp for displaced persons. The camp was supposed to be temporary but had been around for 20 years because of ongoing conflicts. People there told me that what they really wanted, instead of aid, was a job to provide for their families. We realized that our own side project of crocheting could do just that. A year later, we were in Uganda, in a brick hut teaching a group of women to crochet.

WHY CROCHETING? Kohl: We crocheted in high school as a way to make money, taking orders from classmates. Our original goal was to pay for a hot-air balloon ride for our prom dates. But now crocheting, sewing and knitting are all used to create products that change people’s lives. Each product is signed by the woman who makes it so you see who you are impacting.

WHAT DOES A JOB MEAN? Travis: A job, coupled with education and mentorship, means our employees can put their own kids in school, feed their families a healthy diet, access clean water, buy medicine, invest in their own businesses and choose to rewrite their own futures.

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