Our amazing partners.

Our Amazing Partners

Our partners are working hard to boost mental health, increase access to opportunity and end gun violence in the communities they serve. It goes without saying: they're all amazing, and we encourage you to get to know each and every one of them.

Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective (BEAM)

A movement dedicated to creating a world where there are no barriers to Black healing.

Brave Trails

A leadership-focused summer camp for LGBTQ+ youth that is developing a mental health program tailored to the young people they serve.

Cities United

Supports a network of mayors and community leaders who are committed to reducing homicides and shooting rates of young Black men ages 14-24 by 50%.

Climate Mental Health Network

Provides access to education, tools, programs, and support designed to help individuals and communities recognize the signs and manage the emotional impacts of climate change.

Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice

Transforms communities by investing in the healing, activism and aspirations of youth.

Community Coalition

Helps transform the social and economic conditions in South Los Angeles by training and developing local grassroots leaders.

Creative Futures Collective

Unearthing the next generation of creative industry leaders from disenfranchised communities through workshops, mentorship and paid work experience.

Cure Violence Global

Addresses violence as contagious and uses community-based disease control methods like healing and prevention to stop its spread.

Defy Ventures

Shifts mindsets to give people with criminal histories their best shot at a second chance through entrepreneurship, career readiness, and personal development training programs.

Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services

Provides suicide prevention, mental health, and substance abuse services to children, adults, and families, especially in communities where discrimination and injustice limit access.

East Side Riders Bike Club

Helps keep youth away from gangs and drugs, by offering alternative forms of community engagement like bike riding and advocacy.

Fundación Origen

Provides free, confidential, and reachable access to mental health treatment, crisis intervention and proper referral to other needed services to the Mexican population via their helpline Línea de Ayuda Origen, since 1999.


Creates opportunities for and with refugee girls through mentorship, education, and creating safe spaces to gather and learn.

Global Fund for Children's Spark Fund

Aims to improve mental health equity for black boys and young men in Atlanta, South Africa, and the UK using a youth-led participatory approach.

Helen Keller Intl

Increases success in school and work by bringing eye care to underserved communities.

Homeboy Industries

The largest gang rehabilitation and re-entry program in the world with deep roots in the LA community and a trauma-informed mental health program.

International Medical Corps

Provides critical medical, mental health and training services in humanitarian situations.


A youth mental health organization that works alongside youth to build communities and advocate for equitable systems that support their mental health needs.

Letters to Strangers

Seeks to destigmatize mental illness and increase access to affordable, quality treatment particularly for youth aged 13 to 24.

LIFE Camp Inc.

Brings real-time gun violence prevention and intervention at the neighborhood level across Queens, New York.

Los Angeles LGBT Center

Provides programs, services, and global advocacy for LGBTQ+ people including many youth experiencing homelessness.

Mani. Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative logo.

Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative

Provides free mental health counseling and psychological first aid to people between 18-25 in Nigeria.

Mental Helse Ungdom

Works for increased transparency around mental health, prevention of mental illness & for a better mental health service in Norway.

Mental Health Initiative

A social impact startup promoting the mental health of the younger generation.

Mind Us

Focuses on promoting mental health and preventing mental problems among young people.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (Western Carolina)

Provides support, education, and advocacy at no charge to families and individuals affected by mental health conditions.

Peace First

Provides training, mentorship and funding to young people creating solutions to injustice in their communities - helping to turn ideas into action.


Helps LGBTQ+ youth navigate a world that perpetually tries to diminish them through gender-affirming haircuts and self-empowerment.

Que Paso Latinx

Seeks to support, empower, and provide culturally relevant mental health resources to the community in a safe and comforting environment.

The Dinner Party

A platform for grieving 21-45-year-olds to find a community, peer-led support, and build lasting relationships.

The Maya Centre

The Maya Centre: Provides free intercultural counseling and holistic support to low income and minoritised women living in North London.

The Mix

Provides free, confidential mental health support to those under 25 in the UK.

The Trace

Uses the power of journalism to expose root causes of gun violence - to improve public understanding, increase accountability, and identify solutions that lead to safer homes and communities.

Urban Peace Institute

Creates safety in Los Angeles’ most underserved communities through training and support of violence intervention workers.

Venice Family Clinic

Provides some of Los Angeles’s most vulnerable populations with normally difficult to access same day mental health resources.

Wall of Sharing

Provides Thai youths with opportunities to receive the help they need from psychiatrists and psychologists through online video call, for free.

Youth ALIVE!

Provides leadership training and education for Oakland’s youth to prevent violence and help heal the trauma gun violence leaves in its wake.