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We're in business to improve lives.

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About TOMS

As the Original One for One® Company, TOMS has always been in business to improve lives. Since we first launched in 2006, our community has impacted more than 100,000,000 lives.

Today, we give 1/3 of our profits to organisations around the world that are working to create positive change. That means that for every £3 we make, we give £1 away—both in the form of shoes for those in need, as well as impact grants to fuel meaningful work.

This is our commitment—to our partners, to our community, and to our future.

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Same mission, new model

TOMS stands for “Tomorrow’s Shoes.” That’s because with every purchase, our community is helping to build a better tomorrow.

 In the beginning, that meant that for every pair of shoes we sold, we’d give a pair away. However, as we grew, our customers and our partners led us to new and important causes, and we felt like we could bring even more to the table. So, we evolved our giving model to create a more flexible and sustainable way of giving.

 Now, TOMS gives shoes and impact grants in support of physical safety, mental health, and equality of opportunity. In doing so, we’re able to support the causes our community cares most about, developing lasting partnerships with organisations that are working hard to create change.