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For the love of butterflies. A limited-edition collection designed to call attention to declining monarch butterfly populations, and to support the restoration of natural habitats. Shop the Collection.

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The problem

Today, there are 90% fewer monarch butterflies than there were two decades ago. This is due in large part to the loss of essential milkweed and other wildflower habitats in the prairies of the Midwest, as well as changes in the landscape along the monarch’s 3000-mile migratory path.

The goal

Environmental Defense Fund has an ambitious plan to restore 1.5 million acres of essential habitat in the next 10 years through partnerships with farmers, ranchers and scientists—a plan
that TOMS proudly champions.

About Environmental Defense Fund

Environmental Defense Fund is a leading international nonprofit conservation organization. EDF creates smart, lasting solutions to serious environmental issues by linking science, economics, law and innovative private-sector partnerships.

Monarch Butterfly Images.

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About TOMS
Animal Initiative

Founded by Heather Mycoskie, the TOMS Animal Initiative partners with nonprofit animal conservation organizations to raise awareness and support for global animal protection.




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About the TOMS + EDF Collection

TOMS Animal Initiative proudly supports Environmental Defense Fund in its efforts to restore monarch butterfly habitats. To call attention to the cause, TOMS has designed a limited-edition collection of vegan footwear for women and kids, pairing our Classic slip-on silhouette with two butterfly-inspired prints. We’re in business to improve lives. For every $3 we make, we give $1 away.

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