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96.5 million lives impacted–and counting.

We're in business to improve lives


TOMS® has always stood for a better tomorrow–one where humanity thrives. To us, that means no matter who you are or where you live, you feel physically safe, mentally healthy, and have equal access to opportunity. Every TOMS purchase enables us to invest in local partners around the world who are working to create positive change in these three areas.


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Physical Safety

We believe everyone has the right to live free of violence, whether that means at home or in their community. That's why we support organizations like Think Outside Da Block, which leads evening bike rides that bring communities together.

Mental Health

We believe everyone should be in a position to realize their full potential, coping with daily stressors, living productive lives, and contributing to their community. That's why we support organizations like The Mix, which provides young people with free, confidential support.

A young man talking with someone in a safe environment provided by The Mix.
A young man learning to play the guitar at a safe environment provided by The Mix.

Equality of Opportunity

We believe everyone should have equal access to education, healthcare, and decent work. That's why we support organizations like Magic Bus, which helps to ensure girls and boys complete their education and build the skills they need to move out of poverty.

A teacher at Magic Bus helps a young woman with a project on her computer.
A group of young children at Magic Bus playing a game outside.
A girl from guatemala who received TOMS giving shoes.

I just helped a person in need by purchasing from TOMS. Join the movement.