TOMS employees participating in a giving event.

We're in business to improve lives.

Let’s work together.

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We’ve always been in business to improve lives. In 2006, we pioneered the One for One® model, matching every pair of shoes sold with a new pair for someone in need. Since then, our community has had a positive impact on over 100,000,000 lives. Today, we operate with an evolved giving model, investing ⅓ of our profits in grassroots efforts, like local organizations and leaders working to shape a safe, healthy, and hopeful way of life for the communities they serve. We support their work through deep, two-way partnerships—taking smart risks on big ideas to help make an equally big impact. View our Impact Report.

TOMS open office space in Playa Vista.

How we work

TOMS HQ employees are currently working from the safety of their own homes, and we’ve discovered that we work well together virtually! Once it’s safe to return to the office, we’ll enjoy a hybrid work model, spending some days working collaboratively from our dog-friendly space and others working remotely from home.

To support comfortable home office environments, we provide our employees with a generous stipend that can go towards your new desk setup or a new bed for your pup. We also encourage our team to enjoy our virtual wellness classes focused on providing physical, mental, and financial wellness.

TOMS employees at lunch outside.
TOMS employees enjoying the coffee bar.
Meet the team
Our team is a diverse group of more than 200 individuals who are dedicated to using business to improve lives. Our close-knit culture fosters a supportive, collaborative, and authentic atmosphere where everyone can learn and grow—even while working remotely. While it can be tough to feel connected as we’re all working from home, we’ve found new ways to stay creative and collaborative. We value balance and staying connected, despite the physical distance that separates us.
TOMS employees gathering outside at a company event.

Intern with TOMS

Please check back in February 2022 for updates on our Summer 2022 Internship application.