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This World Sight Day, It's Okay to Be Shady, #BESHADY
Thanks for getting shady with us on World Sight Day to raise awareness for visual impairment and blindness worldwide. We hope you'll join us on World Sight Day next year, October 9th, 2014.

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  • Seeing means succeeding
  • Vision leads to gender equality
  • Sight paves the way to freedom
  • Seeing opens up the door to knowledge

The gift of sight makes a future bright

Discover how restoring sight can
change someone's life.

often have to give up
their jobs or other income
generating activities.

Source: Wogu, 2008

To provide for his family in India, Bhim, 52, works as a rickshaw puller. Bhim also makes extra income milking cows and selling ice cream in nearby villages. About two years ago, his vision began to blur and Bhim had to stop working after he nearly injured himself from falling with his ice cream cart. His family income dropped. Thankfully, an eye camp was held in his community, where they discovered he had cataract. He underwent surgery and his vision was restored. Bhim went back to work soon after and was able to support his family once again.

His cataract surgery was supported by a TOMS Eyewear purchase.

who are blind are

Source: Who

Malita is 11 and lives in Cambodia. She loves to draw, but Malita’s hobby was put in jeopardy when her eyes didn’t align, causing them to focus on different objects. She eventually lost vision in one eye, leading to issues with her depth perception. She struggled in school and with her drawing. Her grandfather brought Malita to an eye hospital where Seva Cambodia provided a surgery to restore her vision and realign her eyes, increasing her chances of staying and succeeding in school. She left the hospital with a big smile and a drawing to thank the staff for her surgery.

Malita’s strabismus surgery was supported by a TOMS Eyewear purchase.

people can go to work,
help at home, walk
independently and rejoin
their communities.

Source: Who

At 65, Tajitu believed she could no longer see because she was getting older. Over time, her visual impairment became such a burden, it required her family to care for her; helping feed, dress and assist her with other daily activities. Tajitu and her family walked for two hours from their small village in Ethiopia to reach Light for the World’s eye clinic. There, she was provided cataract surgery. “I have no words to express my feelings for such a gratifying service,” she shared. Tajitu returned home, independent and able to care for herself and her family once again.

Tajitu’s cataract surgery was supported by a TOMS Eyewear purchase.

worldwide have visual
impairment that can be
improved with glasses.

SOURCE: Resnikoff, 2008

Waris, 13, explained to CHEF International eye care staff in Pakistan that he loved to study and go to public school, but was having trouble seeing the blackboard and reading his books. So much so, that he was moved to a special education school since his grades had fallen so far behind. The eye care staff was eager to examine Waris’ vision as many children are often held back in school due to undiagnosed vision issues. Upon examination, they found he needed prescription glasses. Waris picked out his favorite frames and was given a brand new pair of glasses. He is now back at school and on track with his public school classmates.

Waris’ prescription glasses were supported by a TOMS Eyewear purchase.

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