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Driven, creative, passionate. Our latest inspiration comes in the form of three amazing women who are working hard to make a difference, one step at a time. Meet Caitlin, Ella and Eryn: an entrepreneur, a chef and a musician who are so, so much more.


Caitlin working in the giving keys office.
Caitlin spending some quality time with her child.
Caitlin Crosby

Entrepreneur + Mom | @caitlincrosby

Los Angeles, CA
Life-Changing Moment
Buying dinner for a homeless couple
Also known for
Being a spokesperson for Oprah's top 10 favorite charities
Recent Achievement
Figured out how to make a Boomerang Video
"The key is to take action."
Ella placing some food in her outdoor oven
Ella picking some fresh vegetables from her garden
Ella Freyinger

Chef + Advocate | @chef_ellafreyinger

Atlanta, GA
Life-Changing Moment
Making a terrible beef stroganoff
Also known for
Helping previously incarcerated women transition to a new life
Recent Achievement
Used an obscure L.A. law to help a refugee get a job
"Change is made in the small things."
Eryn standing at a gate observing a view of the valley below
Eryn is singing her heart out
Eryn Allen Kane

Musician + Activist | @erynallenkane

Detroit, MI
Life-Changing Moment
Prince tweeting about her
Also known for
Acting in Spike Lee's Chi-Raq
Recent Achievement
Promoted voter registration
"I want to show younger women they're capable."

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