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The Last-Mile Contribution

At TOMS, we take our commitment to giving shoes seriously. Our Giving Department works hard to send custom, made-to-order shoes to fit the needs of all of the diverse communities in which our Giving Partners work. We’ve learned that our Giving Partners put a significant amount of resources into distributing new TOMS Shoes to the children who need them most. And while some of these valued resourced are priceless — like relationships and trust within communities they serve — others can come with new, tangible expenses that make shoe distributions more difficult. To help ease the challenges and offset the…

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How we Give Shoes: Step-by-Step

At TOMS, we’re committed to creating the biggest impact possible with the shoes we give, but we recognize that we don’t have all the answers. That’s a huge part of why we partner with humanitarian organizations – we call them our “Giving Partners” — with deep experience and knowledge on the communities they serve. Once TOMS Giving Partners recognize where shoes can benefit communities and how they can distribute TOMS to those who will benefit from them, the intricacies of our giving partnership come into play. Together, we work to incorporate shoes to support the Giving Partner’s larger existing programs,…

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