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The Pledge for Safe Water in Peru

The pledge to provide safe water worldwide happens in a variety of ways. In Cascas, Peru, a local school participated in a program about the importance of sanitation. Led by TOMS Giving Partner Water For People, local community members were educated about sanitation and proper hygiene – critical aspects on investing in safe water infrastructures. Upon completion of the training, the school was certified as a “healthy school,” and the community empowered for generations to come. TOMS Roasting Co. partners with Water For People to provide sanitary water and education in the countries from which we source our beans. While access…


Dr. Corey Hodes on Giving Sight in Los Angeles

Dr. Corey Hodes is a Los Angeles-based optometrist. Last year, we had the pleasure of joining him in schools with TOMS Sight Giving Partner Helen Keller International’s ChildSight®, to see U.S. Sight Giving in action. We’re excited to have Dr. Hodes share his story with you as a ChildSight® optometrist and why vision is so important for a child’s future. Take it away, Dr. Hodes… Vision is the most important aspect in learning and education. But each year in the United States, two million children suffer from uncorrected refractive errors. This is a huge problem because studies show that 80 percent of…