TOMS Marketplace Partner Spotlight

November 20, 2013 by TOMS

With the launch of the TOMS Marketplace this week, we now like to take this opportunity to spotlight a few of our Marketplace Partners, their mission, and their products and how they are joining us to make the world a better place through social entrepreneurship. 

Hello everyone!  We are Krochet Kids intl.  We currently work in Uganda and Peru empowering 185 women to rise above poverty through the combination of employment, education, and mentorship.  Each of our items is made by the beneficiaries of our programs and hand-signed by the person who made them.  View their profiles online


In the 6 years of our existence, we have learned the importance of holistic and measured impact for individuals.  It all started with a few conversations we had with people living in Uganda… it was there that we learned communities were tired of traditional forms of charity and they wanted opportunities to change their own circumstances.  They were willing and capable.  They were determined and resolute.


To their surprise, and to nearly everyone else we tell this story to, we had a solution to help kick-start the process of empowerment… crocheting.  We had started a custom beanie business when we were in high school, aptly named “Krochet Kids”.  We saw job provision as a first step toward breaking the cycle of poverty, so in the summer of 2007 we trained 10 Ugandan women how to make the beanies we once sold.


Job creation was the beginning, but thanks to our local staff and leadership we realized there was far more to be done if we were to equip people toward their own independent futures.  A 3-year education curriculum and one-on-one mentorship became keystone elements to our model for impact and continue to be to this day.  Why?  Because this is the depth of investment we believe that truly changes lives.  Because we believe people are worth deep investment.


We humbly ask people to get involved in our story by purchasing one of our items (the Marketplace happens to have a great selection) and learning about the person who made it.  You can even write them a thank you note on our website.


This is empowerment.