Start Something That Matters: Bogo Bowl

August 22, 2013 by TOMS

Start Something that Matters, a book by TOMS Chief Shoe Giver, Blake Mycoskie, challenges readers to make a positive change in the world and start a project that matters to them. After reading her copy of the book, animal lover, Sara Henderson, decided to start her own socially conscious company, Bogo Bowl.

Before starting Bogo Bowl, Sara ran a nonprofit for animals which aimed to keep animals in their homes and out of shelters. Access to affordable pet food is one of the main reasons why pets end up in shelters. Unfortunately, most of the food the nonprofit received was near expiration. Most of Sara’s clients were seniors whose pets were their only family and those who lost income in the economic crisis. Sara was determined to provide quality food and still make a difference.  Enter Bogo Bowl - when you purchase a bag of food for your pet from Bogo Bowl, you choose a local organization where you’d like your donation bag to go to. Bogo Bowl works with shelters, pet food pantries, AniMeals (a program that partners with Meals-On-Wheels) and other organizations to provide high quality pet food to those in need. In her own words, “feeding BOGO Bowl is a really easy way to help without giving up anything: your dog gets excellent nutrition, and your purchase puts food into the bowl of an at-risk dog in your own community. The best part is you don't have to take time out of your day to drive to the pet food store or the organization - we do all the heavy lifting (literally - we have 55 pound bags). It's never been so easy to do good!”

Sara started her company out of love, without real world experience in pet food or retail, so the company has been a huge learning experience. The community response, however, has been overwhelming. Bogo Bowl has given away more than 100,000 bowls since the site went live last August. They also have a strong repurchase rate, proving the quality of the food. And while the site currently just offers dog food, cat food is in the works!

sara and chance

For those of you looking to Start Something That Matters, Sara left us with this advice, “Don’t wait until everything is perfect. If your gut says your idea is solid, take the first steps, and then the next. Don’t try to know everything before you start, because learning is half the fun.”


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