Marketplace Feature: One World Futbol

June 13th, 2014 by TOMS

A few words from our friends at One World Futbol-

At One World Futbol Project, we’re lucky enough to play every day. In fact, play is an integral part of who we are and everything we do. We believe that in play, every child is a superhero, dreams can be realized, traumatic moments are temporarily forgotten and healing can begin – this is the power of play.

At One World Futbol Project and through our nearly indestructible ball, we are changing the game – turning the whole world into a field of play. The One World Futbol was designed to match the endurance of the spirit of the youth who play with it. And, we’ve resolved every day to give children living in harsh environments under challenging circumstances the opportunity to play and experience all the beauty and magic and healing that comes with play.

Since our launch in 2010, we’ve delivered over 850,000 nearly indestructible One World Futbols to organizations using play and sport to foster social change. We’ve helped empower young girls find their voice in the far corners of Kenya. We’ve provided courage and joy to the members of the Sierra Leone Amputee Soccer League. We’ve helped create community and collaboration in Haiti. With our One World Futbol, we’ve shared the power of play and have seen the impact the ball is making in communities around the world.

Here’s a glimpse of how we are helping to play it forward around the world!