Institute a Change

June 12th, 2014 by TOMS

Over the years, campus supporters have been an integral part of sharing the TOMS story. From Campus Clubs, to finding inspiration in our story to build a class project, or incorporating TOMS Giving into a classroom lesson – these supporters continue to take our movement even further. Recently, TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie was invited into a High School classroom through Skype + GOOD. We asked students what they took away from the session and here is what Autumn S. had to say …


I have always believed that students, especially high school students, have the power and ability to institute a change. Whether it is within a family, a community, or even the world. Every opportunity presented to us is a chance to dream, to take a chance, and to perhaps alter the future for the better. Throughout the school year, our class has taught me to look beyond what is seen on the surface. When looking at art or a story, I learned to ask myself questions such as “What was the author’s purpose behind this?” and “How could it relate to the world today?”

As I traveled through Europe in early April, I visited historical places. When setting my feet on the ground where the Guillotine of the French Revolution once stood, I used the same kinds of questions to ponder why so much tragedy had to take place. I realized that that same kind of oppression is still taking place in the world. I knew that something had to be done to change it.

I was to the point of almost giving up when Mrs. Guilfoil, our instructor, asked if the class wanted to enter into a contest to talk to Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS. Talking with Blake was inspiring. Not only did he encourage us to follow what we are passionate about, but also told us that we have to power to help, may it be small or large. I could be that person to make a change.

At that moment, something clicked in my mind. For about a year now, I have pursued a possible career in aviation. Currently, I am working towards getting my pilot’s license, so I thought, “Surely I can use something I am passionate about to help make a change.” As it turns out, there are organizations that train pilots specifically with intention of sending them to deliver supplies to remote areas. I can use this dream that I am passionate about to make a change in the world. There is always an opportunity for change. Never give up. The world still has plenty more to be done.

Watch a recap of the Skype + GOOD session here. Are you a campus supporter looking to get further involved with TOMS? We have a team dedicated to supporting inquiries from students, teachers, and other community members – email them at to get involved.