The Do Lectures

February 23, 2013 by TOMS

We at TOMS know the world is full of inspiring people who have started something that matters and have amazing stories that deserve to be told!  Our friends at The Do Lectures are all about getting these innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives together in one place to share their stories and start something! They were even voted as one of the top ten idea festivals in the world (by The Guardian, UK) along with TED, South by Southwest and Burning Man. And not only do they host these incredible festivals in Wales and California but, they also film all their content and post it to their website for all to see!


TOMS UK is thrilled to have partnered with The Do Lectures, and are excited to announce the TOMS ‘Giving Chair’ for The next Do Lectures in Wales, UK (‘Do Start-Up’) , this is a unique opportunity for one of our UK fans to attend for free!

The Do Lectures take place on April 25–28th, 2013 within the beautiful surroundings of Fforest, West Wales. As a winner, you will enjoy three days of listening to amazing speakers from around the world educating you on how to start a business, have access to 40 mentors via Skype, and be a part of  a number of workshops. If that wasn’t enough, as a winner you will automatically be a part of team that starts a company in the 3 days you are there. There is no event like it! And there is no experience like it either.

To apply for the TOMS Giving Chair at The Do Lectures 2013 you need to create a 60 second film telling us why we should pick you! All submissions should then be emailed to with ‘TOMS Giving Chair’ included in the subject Line.

For more information about how to apply, the terms and conditions and what the Giving Chair includes please follow this linkMake sure you add ‘TOMS Giving Chair’ in the subject line of your application!

** Please note The TOMS Giving chair is open to UK residents over 18yrs. The prize will cover the cost of the ticket, accommodation at The Do Start-up 2013 and food. Transport costs will not be covered by TOMS