Our Open Road

July 3rd, 2013 by TOMS

Adam, Emily and Collette are friends of the TOMS family. They are embarking on a journey of a lifetime and were kind enough to share tidbits of their travels with us. In their own words and incredible images…

We are a family of 3 living and sleeping in our van, mainly freestyle camping. Meaning we camp far off the beaten path, like down a bumpy dirt road, or right up in the mix of things near a busy intersection in a city. Our experiences of the places we visit are quite raw because of this: we hear the symphony of the jungle or laughter of late night passers-by, we smell the evening meals of a nearby family, and we feel the sun creep above the horizon, radiating off the sand and warming the pop-top tent.  In our life of windows and canvas walls, we are open to the world and the world is open to us- we have never felt more alive!

Our journey has reinforced the values that led us on this trip: simple living and richness of experience, love above all, togetherness, respect for others and the planet.  The trip means spending nearly every waking hour with our daughter, which is the greatest gift and challenge. Three months have now passed with a flow that has us grounded and connected to our surroundings and the natural world.

We spend as much time as possible being creative and enjoying outdoor activities like surfing, hiking, playing on the beach and stargazing.  We hope to inspire others to adventure into their own great backyards!


Adam is a fine artist, working on a new body of work inspired by our travels.  From his own photographs taken on the road, and found elements, collages are crafted.  You can see more of his work at www.adamharteau.com and cinematic vignettes that can be seen here https://vimeo.com/ouropenroad/videos.


Emily is a fashion designer who loves to cook and write.  She is finding great joy in crafting the prose in our posts at www.ouropenroad.com


A few of our favorite moments include:


Hierve El Agua in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico glitters in our memories as an especially magical location.  As the sun set over the calcium cascade, which stands frozen like a melting ice cream, the canyon beyond was illuminated in a rainbow of soft light.

 In Pavones, Costa Rica we discovered a fairytale camp site where a buoyant lawn overlooking the black sand beach was framed by palm trees.

The slew of cultures and variety of nature we have seen continues to blow our minds and open our hearts.

Our Open Road serves as a modern family portrait, as we shed our robes of comfort to reexamine the American Dream, we hope to inspire others to create, eat well, spend quality time together, and adventure into their own great backyards.