The Gift of Determination: Giving in Honduras

December 9, 2013 by TOMS

Amar is our Manager of Giving Supply Chain. Basically, he works day in and day out to help track Giving shipments from our factories to the field. His team is also instrumental in analytics and the development and testing of our newest Giving Shoes. In his day-to-day, it’s a lot of Excel spreadsheets, so the opportunity to travel to the field and learn from Giving Partner Hogar de Niños in Honduras was particularly exciting. After returning from his Giving Trip, he’s excited to learn more about the countries where we give and how he can continue to develop Giving Shoes that will be most useful in the regions they serve. Here’s his story…

As the Giving Supply Chain Manager, my team is responsible for distributing shoes to our Giving Partners across the globe and handling al the challenges along the way. I was excited to see what happens once the shoes get in the hands of our Giving Partners.

One thing I learned about giving? It’s not easy. From the moment you make your purchase to getting new shoes to our partners, a tremendous amount of effort goes into each step. So much work goes into getting our shoes to Giving Partners, but now I know how hard it is to get shoes to the children. One of the distributions our Giving Partner, Hogar de Niños, had scheduled was at a school in a very rural area, and it was their first-ever visit, so it was a new experience for us, Hogar and the children there. But it had rained the night before, and since we were on dirt roads, our truck wasn’t able to get to the school. So we improvised: the staff called al the schools to tell them to meet us at an intersection, which was basically just a meeting of five dirt roads near a grassy area. So that’s where we set up shop.

It made me realize how remote our location was, and how easy it would be to say, “This location is too difficult for us to give in.” But there we were, giving new shoes to kids who needed them for protection and playtime. It was amazing to see how our partners often face challenges in delivering TOMS Shoes — but like us, they are determined and don’t give up when the giving gets hard.

It takes so many people coming together to make this all work. My job at TOMS may be to handle all the logistical challenges we face, but my Giving Trip made me appreciate all the other people that are involved that much more.