Sights and Sounds of Tanzania

January 31st, 2014 by TOMS

Despite being neighboring countries, the differences between Rwanda and Tanzania were incredible. They were equally beautiful, but as one of our Rwandan friends shared, the vibe in Tanzania is more laid back.
While visiting Tanzania, we learned that almost half — 44 percent! — of the country’s population is made up of children under the age of 14. The children were friendly, and enjoyed teaching us traditional dances.
Everywhere we went in Tanzania, we received a warm welcome and generosity from the locals. One of our favorite moments was meeting this woman, walking with her baby.
The official language of Tanzania is Swahili. It was amazing to hear people great us with “jambo” or “habari,” which mean “hello” and “how are you?” respectively.
Tanzania had a wealth of markets to explore, from the large markets of the big cities to the small, rural village markets throughout the countryside.