Profiles in One for One: Vicki and Rubi

October 18, 2013 by TOMS

While visiting Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota with Giving Partner National Relief Charities, we met two sisters – Vicki and Rubi. The girls have huge smiles, lots of energy and big hopes for their futures. Both girls want to grow up to be a fashion designer or a lawyer.


Vicki and Rubi were among the many children at a local school on the reservation who received new TOMS Shoes as part of National Relief Charities programs that support schools across 25 different reservations and 13 states.



After receiving their shoes, the two sisters were eager to do their favorite thing: hit the playground. In their new TOMS, the girls had tire races and contests to see who could jump the highest. “I like my new black shoes because I like to play games like hide-and-seek. You can’t see me in my black shoes!”


After school, the girls were eager to get home and show their parents their new TOMS. Laura, an NRC staffer, explains, “To be able to have something that is their own, I think that really makes a difference to them; being able to pick out their own color, get fitted for the right size; it’s a unique sense of ownership and pride.”

Thanks to TOMS customers, we’re able to reach more children like Vicki and Rubi both at home and abroad.