Profiles in One for One: Dara’s new shoes from Giving Partner Children International

August 11th, 2014 by TOMS

Profiles in One for One: Dara’s new shoes

Name: Dara

Age: 8

Location: Guatemala

Giving Partner: Children International

For 8-year-old Dara, the Children International  community center is like a second home. It’s a place where she can play with friends on the soccer field and practice her singing and dancing – all things she loves to do in her spare time.

“I like to come here and play and write letters sometimes,” she shares.


But the CI community center is more than that. It’s also a place where Dara receives vital health care like visits to the dentist and education services like school supplies. As a CI-sponsored child, Dara and her siblings have received school supplies so they can study and new TOMS Shoes.

At home, Dara’s parents work hard to provide for their family of six, which lives in a small concrete house with a corrugated metal roof. As a driver in the city, her family’s monthly income is just $250USD, making it difficult to provide for the entire family.

“Because there are four of us siblings and my parents can’t always buy them for all of us,” Dara said. “The medical and dental checkups have been very good so I can stay healthy.”



With the support of Children International and TOMS, children like Dara in Guatemala are able to grow, develop and have the opportunity to become successful young leaders in their communities, helping create a better tomorrow. Dara is eager to get involved in youth programs at CI and says:

“When I’m an adult, I hope to work for an institution like Children International so I can help other needy kids.”