Heba Receives New Prescription Glasses

July 30th, 2014 by TOMS

At TOMS, our mission to restore sight is fueled by the effectiveness of treatment. That’s why we currently work with 17 Sight Giving Partners to help eliminate avoidable blindness and restore sight in 13 countries worldwide.

Around the globe, uncorrected refractive error is one of the leading causes of visual impairment. Refractive errors develop when the eye has difficulty focusing on objects clearly. Whether the trouble is with objects that are near or far, the resulting blurred vision can cause visual impairment at any age. While refractive errors cannot be prevented, they can be treated — starting with an eye examination.

In Egypt, 9-year-old Heba had difficulty seeing the board in her classroom. Without glasses, Heba struggled in school because she was unable to clearly focus — not only on the board, but also on the lessons, her teacher’s instructions and homework assignments as well. She was too embarrassed to tell her parents about her problem and her grades quickly suffered.

In Egypt, TOMS Sight Giving Partner Al Noor Magrabi Foundation, works to treat visual impairments like Heba’s through outreach caravan programs. These outreach caravans travel to rural areas and bring ophthalmologists and eye care services to communities that would otherwise not have access to eye care. During a community outreach screening, a team of trained eye care professionals will provide free eye examinations to diagnose the problem and determine if prescription glasses, medical treatments or — in some cases — sight-saving or restoring surgery are necessary.



When the outreach program traveled to Heba’s primary school, her teacher selected her among a group of girls to have their vision examined. Heba was extremely happy that she was able to see a doctor and receive proper prescription glasses. Heba is now able to focus on her studies. Her grades have improved, and she now feels confident in the classroom.

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