Giving in the U.S. with Save the Children

January 26th, 2015 by TOMS


For many families living near or below the poverty line in the United States, putting nutritious food on the table can be a huge struggle. Less healthy alternatives might be cheaper, but can contribute to childhood obesity and other health issues, especially when kids are less active.

In response, TOMS Giving Partner Save the Children has launched its Healthy Choices program to get kids moving and eating better. On a daily basis, Save the Children engages kids in fun physical activities and provides healthy snacks, in addition to teaching kids about good nutrition.

Tamsyn Oakes, a program specialist with Save the Children in Kentucky, sees the need on the ground in Eastern Kentucky and knows how both collaboration and education can make a difference.

“We’re talking to these kids, and we’re saying fitness is important,” Tamsyn shares.

TOMS has worked with Save the Children internationally since 2011. This year, TOMS started giving in the United States with Save the Children and began integrating shoe distributions into the organization’s initiatives in Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee.

What’s even more exciting for us is that the children in Save the Children’s SummerBoost Camps and after-school programs are receiving our new TOMS Sports Shoe. These shoes are specifically designed for lots of physical activity, playing games and being a kid.

“Now they have the shoes and an opportunity to act on [Healthy Choices] every day.”

With the help of our U.S. Giving Partners, TOMS has given over 1 million pairs of new shoes to children in the United States.