Change #ONEDECISION. Help change a life.

February 20, 2014 by TOMS

In 2006 Blake made a decision to start a for-profit company with giving at its core. We called it the “One for One business model,” but it soon became a movement; a movement of passionate people who wanted to transform their common purchases into a force for good. Giving is still what fuels us to this day.


So when we think about launching a new TOMS product, that’s where we start. What needs exist in the world, and how can we make an impact through the decisions our customers are making? It’s how we arrived at our second product, TOMS Eyewear, which we launched in 2011. With every pair of sunglasses you purchase, we help restore sight for a person in need. One for One.

And while we are making a huge impact through shoes and eyewear, we’ve also recognized that there are so many decisions we make every day that could help change a life.

Think about your day. You make little decisions all the time. Like whether to bike to work or hop in the car. What to eat for lunch. Smiling at the girl across the coffee shop.


Soon, one of your daily decisions could help change a life. And on 3.11.14, our newest One for One product will show you how.