Advancing Change in East Africa: Global Communities and KCCO

February 12, 2014 by TOMS

When TOMS embarks on partnerships with a Giving Partner — those incredible humanitarian organizations around the world that help distribute new TOMS Shoes or provide access to eye care — it’s important to us to that they’re sustainable and having the greatest impacts possible in the regions they serve.

And what’s even more exciting is when we have the opportunity to visit these organizations on the ground…seeing and experiencing that work firsthand in the field, like we did on our recent journey through East Africa.


While visiting Shoe Giving Partner Global Communities , we learned how TOMS purchases are contributing to the future success of children and their families. Global Communities provides new TOMS Shoes as part of their school uniform program, providing orphans and vulnerable children better access to education.

In addition, in their commitment to helping families in need, Global Communities also provides new TOMS to children whose families complete financial trainings. These trainings in lending and savings teach families how to become resistant to the economic challenges they may face daily.


Visiting Tanzania with our Sight Giving Partner, Kilimanjaro Centre for Community Ophthalmology (KCCO), was also incredible. We saw beautiful landscapes, met an inspiring eye care team and saw patients have their sight restored with the help of TOMS Eyewear purchases.

Due to the lack of access to eye care in many communities; people’s vision problems often go untreated for years, leading to unnecessary blindness or visual impairment. KCCO makes the most out of support from TOMS Eyewear purchases by training eye care providers in Sub-Saharan Africa reach more people in need with quality care. In northern Tanzania KCCO conducts outreach/screening camps that identify patients who need medical treatments and cataract surgeries – treatments that TOMS Eyewear purchases support.

We’re humbled by the work both of these incredible organizations are doing with the support of your TOMS purchases and are looking forward to sharing more stories from the field.