TOMS HQ Holiday Traditions

December 5, 2013 by TOMS

We like to think of ourselves as one giant family here at TOMS, especially around the holiday season. There are potlucks, karaoke and turkey-bowl games sandwiched between a lot of hard work. In an effort to extend our family vibes to you, TOMS fans, we thought it would be fun to have some of our employees at HQ share some of there favorite traditions.


Lindsey, Eyewear
Every year my mom makes manicotti (she's italian) for our Christmas day family dinner . Literally, Christmas would not be the same without it.
She also makes the most addictive peanut butter cookies a week or so before Christmas. She has to hide them otherwise the rest of the family eats them before any guests get to enjoy them.



Jessica, Creative
My family tradition: every Christmas morning, my dad would insist on sharing champagne and caviar while we opened gifts.

It wasn't particularly good caviar or probably even real champagne, but it marked a celebration for the three of us that we were all together and in good health, and that for just that time, we we’re blessed with more than we could ever want.



Carina, Supply Chain
Both sides of my family live a block away from each other in the same neighborhood I grew up in, so it’s nostalgic for me. It also means twice as much family, twice as much fun, and twice as much FOOD- how awesome is that?

Since I’m half Mexican and half Salvadoran, so I get to enjoy both types of tamales, pan con pavo, posole, ceviche, and every other Salvadoran and Mexican dish my parents, Aunts & Uncles make.



Peter, Facilities 
My family members from all over the world travel back to Africa to celebrate Christmas and usher in the new year. We reflect on our success and struggles. Additionally, I just always look forward to my mother’s holiday cooking, nothing tastes better.



Neeka, Marketing
We always take a big ski trip with our family friends. It is such a good time even though we come home with more than a few causalities. If my memory serves me correctly one year three of the dads ski'd into each other and the remaining dad ski'd into a tree…

And my go-to holiday recipe? Hot chocolate. With everything. I know it's not a recipe but that's about as festive as my cooking gets!



Ryan, Retail
This Holiday, my special plans are to drive out to Texas to visit my girlfriends family and celebrate New Years, and for the sake of doing a long road trip. Gives us time to reflect on the past year and enjoy time off of work.

Also, I always provide the desert for holiday get-togethers because I was the only one who learned how to make my Grandma's secret apple pie recipe. I would tell you the recipe, but it's a secret!


What special traditions do you guys have? Share them with us!