Retailer Download: Flying Point Surf Shop.

September 30, 2013 by TOMS

Retailer Download: Flying Point Surf Shop.

Locations: Sag Harbor, Southampton, and Bridgehampton, NY.

MO: OG retailers Flying Point Surf Shop have been there from the start (off TOMS Eyewear, that is). With a super helpful and knowledgeable, yet laid back staff, they keep the spirit of TOMS and surf shop vibes alive end well in the Hamptons.

How long have you been carrying TOMS Eyewear? Since the beginning! We remember when we received a super secret capsule from TOMS that contained a new product they were about to launch. When we opened it and discovered it was eyewear we were so pumped. The product was great and the One for One idea was extended in a new way. Since then, they have performed well amongst top brands. We’ve seen a lot of our Ray-ban customers switch it up and spring for a pair of TOMS.


What makes your store awesome? What has made Flying Point the retail monster in the Hamptons is its appeal to almost every type of customer. We carry items for men, women and kids at variety of price points- which is rare in our area. There are a lot of cookie cutter retail stores or high-end boutiques, but Flying Point brings a little edge: we like to try out new things and keep it fresh.  Coupled with a great team of buyers who blend our products well so everyone can find something they can love. We also have talented young merchandisers who keep the store looking tight. Guess it’s a hat-trick of sorts!

5 adjectives to describe your typical customer: Active, Family Oriented, Stylish, Relaxed and Loyal

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Your town’s hidden gem? In Sag Harbor : The Wharf, It’s picturesque with tiny white sail boats scattered on the glassy water and the smell of freshly pressed waffle cones coming from the local ice cream shop.  In the summer it’s fun to watch the gorgeous multi million dollar Yachts pull up.  In Southampton: Heady Beach, the perfect secluded area to go stand-up paddle boarding. Only locals are in the know!

Where do you guys hang when you’re off the clock? In Sag Harbor: No joke… The shop, because we’re open til’ midnight and it’s fun! Otherwise, La Superica for a margarita, the Drum Circle at Sagg Main Beach, Muse Restaurant has a cool atmosphere with a huge saltwater aquarium and a projector playing old films on their patio, or the local coffee joint, SagTown.

What product has been the most popular this season? The Beachmaster, Polarized to protect your peepers of course!

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