Music Minute with Sevag

November 19, 2013 by TOMS

Sevag is a designer/developer at TOMS & our in-house DJ.  He enjoys camping, skateboarding, craft beer, and hanging with his lick-heavy pup Khloe.  He was kind enough to download us on one his recent purchases from the record store. Take it away Sevag...

Meet Kimya Dawson, a warm, bright voiced singer/songwriter who makes something as simple as doing your laundry feel like a spiritual experience (think Juno soundtrack).  Now meet Aesop Rock, an extremely articulate deep voiced rapper who’s writing skills will make the best author envious, now combine the two and make an album, welcome to “Hokey Fright” by “The Uncluded.”


I rarely say this but it’s almost impossible to describe this album.  The combination of music styles, the genius weaving between mundane every day topics (the track titled “Superheroes” is about sandwiches) and serious life struggles.  There’s almost something in this album for everyone.


Keep this in mind, this ENTIRE album, not just the vocals or one guitar riff, I’m talking the ENTIRE album was performed and recorded by Kimya Dawson & Aesop Rock.  It makes complete sense; they’re both so talented at letting the listener in on a raw and almost unfinished experience.

Their delivery is playfully artistic, combining a feel of hip hop and folk, two styles which I never thought I’d put in the same sentence, but it works perfectly.


I was lucky enough to witness their live performance in person and was equally impressed; they look like they’re truly enjoying every moment of creativity on stage, which is really refreshing.

The Uncluded Album Cover

The icing on the cake is the album cover artwork done by Travis Millard.  If you’re lucky enough to get the 12” vinyl of this album there’s a fun little story book from the artist titled “How to Catch a Frog”, definitely worth the purchase whether you have a record player or not, but you should have one!