July 28th, 2014 by TOMS

It’s halfway through the summer, and the Tribe has spoken. Working at TOMS is awesome. Each department is unique and colorful in its own way, bustling with energy inside of HQ. Every employee has arrived here with a story, many of which we’ve been fortunate to hear over these last few weeks. As we begin the second half of our internship, we took a second to reflect on our paths leading to TOMS and what moved us to apply for a spot within the Tribe.

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Carolina Amaya

Hi I’m Carolina and I’m from Downtown Los Angeles, which makes me the only local from the tribe. I just wrapped up my third year at California State University – Los Angeles, where I’m pursuing a degree in Kinesiology. TOMS hold a special part in my heart for many reasons and I love the fact that the company I work for has given back to my country El Salvador!

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Chase Fortune

My name is Chase and I’m from Wichita Kansas. I’m currently finishing my degree in public relations and international affairs at Kansas State University. Last summer I traveled to Uganda on a research and service project for several months, which helped spur my interest in international development and philanthropy. I’ve wanted to work for TOMS for a long time and that experience really pushed me to want to work for an apparel company that is philanthropic in design.

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Katelynn Lee

From the Big Apple to the beautiful California sunshine, I arrived to Los Angeles with my six pieces of luggage all ready to go. Originally from New York, I graduated college last year from James Madison University with a degree in International Journalism. After a year of working in NYC and teaching English in Peru, I applied for the TOMS internship program. What I have found at TOMS is that when you give what you have, it is the passion for sharing that ignites the employees!

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Tony Paterno

Hello, my name is Tony Paterno (TP) and I come for the land of hipsters, breweries and coffee: Portland, OR. I graduated from St. Olaf College in Minnesota majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies. Before TOMS I was in the Peace Corps and then traveling around South America. TOMS attracted me because I believe business is the best way to improve lives; boom goes the dynamite!

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Michael Robertson

From VA to CA, I’m Michael from Salem, Virginia. I just graduated from the University of Virginia in May, majoring in English with a minor in Media Studies. During my time at UVA I was able to work at some incredible places, including a regional outdoor sports magazine and a large music management company. It was the TOMS story and vision that inspired me to apply for the internship, and the energy of this workplace has been amazing. Southern California isn’t too bad either!

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Alex Scott

As one of the “elder” interns, I bring 26 years of wisdom and fun to the TOMS intern tribe. Since beginning the journey that landed me at TOMS, I have made life pitstops in Washington DC, Laos, Thailand and Tanzania (with a few hops and skips through Southeast Asia and the Caribbean). I am passionate about social entrepreneurship and international development and am half way through my M.A. in the topic at Georgetown University. I have been an avid fan and wearer of TOMS since I popped on my first pair of classics circa 2010 and am honored to be part of such an important company and movement.

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Julia Sykes

I was born and raised in Alpharetta, GA. I’m currently studying Marketing and Communications at the great University of Georgia—Go Dawgs! My most significant experience prior to TOMS would be the time I spent in Haiti, before and after the earthquake. I’ve never met such inspiring and beautiful people. I was attracted to TOMS because like most, I wanted to be a part of a movement bigger than myself and because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and go after an internship that was completely out of the box!

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Lucas Turner

My name is Lucas and I hail from Kansas City, KS. I studied social entrepreneurship at Creighton University in Omaha, NE and since graduating in May 2013, I have dipped my toes into several different social conscious industries across the globe. In the past year I lived in Lima, Peru for 6 months as an International Volunteer for Krochet Kids International, moved to Lira, Uganda for 3 months with charity: water as a Field Volunteer and I had a 2 month stay in NYC exploring some of my personal entrepreneurial goals. Now, I am in LA interning at TOMS because I believe so much in the vision of doing business with a purpose to help others, one for one.

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Geena Wakeley

I hail from the windy city of Chicago. I just graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in May with a degree in Communication & a minor in French. Go Illini! My college experiences were all wonderful, especially my time in the national service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega. Volunteering in the community weekly and holding numerous leadership roles in the chapter made me realize that I wanted to continue to make giving a part of my life. Aside from being a huge supporter of the brand & movement, I knew that TOMS would be a place where I could continue to give back with my work, so I applied for the internship! So far it’s been the perfect way to kick off my post-college life!

As the summer rolls on, our days remain filled with work on group and brokered projects, along with coffee chats and TOMS University seminars. We are excited to see where the next few weeks of this adventure takes us, stay tuned!