Fitness Tips from our Resident Wellness Guru

September 20, 2013 by TOMS

We are firm believers in work hard play hard; from happy hours with our coworkers to commuting on bike, we strive to maintain a balanced lifestyle. We work hard to stay healthy. We pack our lunches and take green drink breaksWe have run club and early morning yoga at the TOMS Flagship Store on Abbot Kinney. But, as they say, sometimes it takes a village. And the leader of our wellness village is Carly Marino. Whether Carly is emailing suggestions for weekend trails to hike or kicking our butts in boot camp, she is a powerful motivating force behind keeping our TOMS Staff fit and well.

So, we asked Carly to guest blog about wellness for us and she happily obliged! Without further ado, take it away Carly…

Hey! My name is Carly Marino, I’m an Exercise Physiologist and founder of Marino Wellness, a boutique corporate wellness company.  Some consider me a “wellness guru”,  others consider me their fitness confidant & friend.  Either way, I’m here to make an impact. I want to see more people leading healthy, happy and active lives and I believe this starts where people spend the majority of their day.  I am working to reinvent cultures one organization at a time by bringing the “not so corporate” wellness experience to their workplace. After 5 years in public health I dedicated myself to combining the science of evidence based practices and the most sought after wellness programming bringing fitness, nutrition and stress management experiences to savvy professionals, just like you!

This week I wanted to share a few easy tips to keep you active even on your busiest weeks at work.

We always have the best of intentions when in comes to getting in enough exercise during the day and the recommended 150 minutes of exercise each week can be intimidating to say the least. Have you ever snoozed through your morning workout before rushing to class? Driven right past your gym, as you headed to happy hour, after a long day in the office? Well you aren’t alone; many of us are struggling to find the time to fit in our workouts and balance the ever-growing elements of our robust lives. With us spending the majority of our days at school or at work, these easy tips help getting active and staying active within reach!

Take an “Active Break”

When 10:30am sneaks up, many of us can’t wait to divulge in a little pick me up. Grab an apple to snack on and use your 10-minute break for a power walk. Do it Monday-Friday and you will knock out one third of your 150-minute exercise goal for the week.

Stretch Between Tasks

Transition from project to project with a gentle desk stretch. Some of our favorites are; the chin tuck, the trunk twist and the toe touch. Hold each stretch gently for 10 seconds.

Participate in Group Exercise Classes

Many universities and company headquarters offer fitness classes.  Commit to be fit by participating!  An extra bonus; these classes are usually offered early in the morning, at lunch or right after work hours, often helping to reduce your commute time.

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Facilitate a Walking Meeting

Have a small group or one on one meeting scheduled? Get your meeting moving! With a clear and manageable agenda, certain meetings can be especially productive while walking. An added perk is the extra surge of energy you will have when you return to your desk.

Do Some Deskercising 

Yes, we said it! Use your workspace to work those muscles.  Try this simple circuit; 12-15 chair dips, 12-15 chair squats, 12-15 heel raises and 12-15 chair crunches. Repeat 2-3 times and you will definitely be feeling the burn.


SMALL steps lead to BIG changes when in comes to your health. Integrating these simple steps into your day will bring you one step closer to a happier, healthier YOU!

Until next time,