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Leaving our footprint in Amsterdam

Every year, One Day Without Shoes is a special day to reflect on the changes we can make with something as simple as a pair of shoes. And of course, it’s also a chance for the TOMS family to get together, kick off our shoes and show how we do things differently! This year, we had a double reason to celebrate: we are super excited to welcome friends and family to our very first TOMS store right here in Europe. The day started with a shoe-less bike ride to our awesome new location in central Amsterdam. Our barefoot walk took…


TOMS comes to Amsterdam

Some of you might have heard the rumours and now it is official: TOMS retail is coming to Amsterdam! From 29th April our doors are open and we are excited to welcome you to our European flagship store in Amsterdam’s uber-cool Nine Streets. For all of you who can’t wait any longer, here is a sneak peek of the almost-final store. You might not feel it yet, but from floor to ceiling many of our decorations are ethically sourced and traditionally crafted to give you the real experience of the TOMS movement. But it wouldn’t be TOMS if it was…