About the Brand

About the Brand

stone + cloth is a line of backpacks and accessories that traces its origin back to a mountain-climbing expedition in Tanzania. Made in Los Angeles, each item helps fund education for children in East Africa.

How They Help

  • Children
  • Education

Meet the Founder

Matthew Clough
WHERE DID THE IDEA COME FROM? Before graduating from college, I had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania, Africa. There I met a porter named Benson, who helped me accomplish my goal of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. As we descended from the summit, I learned he earns around a dollar a day – not enough to put a child through school. I left with a desire to start a business that would give back to people like Benson and their children.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR TIME AT TOMS. Working a full-time job, I was struggling to gain momentum for the project. I reached out to TOMS for help and was lucky enough to be offered an internship. So I moved out to California and began working there. After a few internships, I left with amazing friends and a stack of journals filled with ideas to get the business moving. To this day, I still feel an overwhelming amount of support from the company.

HOW DO THE BACKPACKS GIVE BACK? Every item sold helps provide a child with one week of school. We’ve partnered with The Knock Foundation and help support its scholarship program.

I just helped a person in need by purchasing from TOMS. Join the movement.