About the Brand

About the Brand

The Noonday Collection uses fashion and design to create economic opportunity for more than 1,000 artisans in Latin America, Asia and Africa through dignified jobs at living wages, no-interest loans, scholarship programs and more.

How They Help

  • Job Creation
  • Social Justice
  • Children
  • Health
  • Education

Where They Help

  • Africa
  • Central America
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Meet the Founder

How did Noonday get its start? Jessica: When my husband and I decided to adopt from Rwanda, we needed an additional source of income to fund the adoption process. I invited a bunch of friends over to purchase artisan-made accessories, and it was the best girls’ night ever. The style and purpose of the products drew an overwhelming response, and the business quickly grew beyond a fundraiser.

How did it grow? Jessica: Through “social selling.” Our ambassadors, as we call them, serve as the voice and face of Noonday through storytelling and trunk shows. Our ambassadors create a marketplace in their communities and, in turn, create opportunities for our artisans in their respective communities in Ethiopia, Guatemala, Vietnam and other countries.

Describe how your products give back. Travis: We empower people in areas where access to jobs is scarce. Along with job creation, we provide scholarships, emergency assistance, skills-development training and a long-term trading partnership. Noonday also believes that every child belongs in a family, and we donate a portion of proceeds from certain trunk shows to families in the adoption process.

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