About the Brand

About the Brand

JOYN produces high-quality fashion and home accessories with the desire to see lives changed by providing holistic employment to marginalized people who otherwise have no opportunity. 100% handmade. 100% holistic. 100% sustainable.

How They Help

  • Job Creation
  • Education
  • Health

Meet the Founder

WHERE DID THE IDEA FOR JOYN COME FROM? Over a decade ago, my husband and I volunteered at an orphanage in Uganda. One thing that struck us was that although the children had food, shelter and clothing, they had very little opportunity for the future. We began looking for projects that would help give people purpose and create meaningful livelihoods. And then we heard about the community in Rajpur, India, and in 2010 we moved here with our two sons. I founded JOYN, and my husband started Dehradun Guitar Company.

WHAT’S LIFE LIKE IN RAJPUR? It’s a town of about 15,000 people, but only 40% have steady work. There’s a huge demand for jobs. I have people showing up at my doorstep asking for work on a regular basis. So for JOYN, selling more products isn’t about revenue. It means we can hire more people.

DESCRIBE YOUR BUSINESS MODEL. Our model is one of purposeful inefficiency. I always ask myself, “How many more hands can I have touch this?” Each set of hands touching a product creates another job, another livelihood. Instead of turning work over to machines, we put it back in the people’s hands. As a result, we’re putting dignity in their lives. We’re saying, “We value what you do.”

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